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Marilyn Still Home Sick -- Watching Movies

Marilyn was home sick again. Actually, we were up all night, as she was too restless to sleep. So we watched a movie that ran until 5:00 a.m. (grin) The one fun thing about whenever one of us is sick is the two of us watching movies together...

We saw the 2011 film "Hysteria," with Hugh Dancy and Maggie Gyllenhaal -- and we found it quite entertaining! (smile) It's a story set in the Victorian era, dealing with medical treatment of 'hysteria' -- a condition that was only noted in women (!!!), and has been treated by manipulation of the female genitals, apparently since the beginning of time. Seriously, 'hysteria' wasn't debunked until 1952! Anyway, the movie shows how such treatments eventually led to the invention of the vibrator... It's a decidedly adult film, but tastefully done. And, yes, it actually is a romantic comedy!

Today we watched some Lifetime movies -- a guilty pleasure, but they do entertain.

It's nearing 11:00 p.m. and we haven't had a single decent meal all day long. I had a headache and sore throat this morning, so I just didn't feel hungry. But those have gone, now, thankfully. We're actually thinking about fixing something and having a late meal...

I still need to do the garbage and recycling. However, it's not the 'real' garbage week, so all that needs to go out is the composting (we have little of this) and the recycling. And if we missed the recycling it could go next week...

Yes, I need to do the cat boxes -- but that just goes outside until next week. So it could happen tomorrow... I'm obviously not too worried about it, or I'd have started it earlier in the day. Hahahahahaha.

Thanks for the kind words about Marilyn -- I shared those with her. I think it's nothing that a lot more REST (relaxation and sleep -- and time OFF work) can't fix, by the way. Yeah, there's a virus (a nasty one!!!) going around our office -- and she's burning up with fever. So don't get me wrong, she is sick. But we all tend to get sick this time of year because we're so worn down...

Thanks, too, for the kind words about the unfriending. Again, I wasn't all that bothered this time around. I'm not sure why -- I've been hurt and bothered in the past. I still fail understand how others friend and unfriend (though clearly many of you feel the same way Marilyn and I do -- you friend and then rarely unfriend) -- but it's obviously a personal decision. And as I said, if my actions offend, then it's probably best that others do unfriend. I'm not about to change just because some people don't approve of or like the things I do... (But I've been around people who feel nudity is WRONG -- and they aren't really open to a 'live and let live' philosophy...)

I still really need to start READING here more. I'm spending a lot of time at Instagram, and less time here right now. But that won't continue for long -- I always end up back at LiveJournal, my favorite of all Social Media arenas!

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