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Sisters: Marilyn Home Sick, Saw Sue for Lunch...

Poor Marilyn was home sick today. She's got a killer sore throat and just generally under the weather. We did get one movie and watch it: "The Call," featuring Halle Berry. We've got a friend who worked for 911 for years (in a high level job), so we found this behind-the-scenes look really interesting. (We're both sure the end of the film makes 911-ers crazy, but it was still entertaining -- and who doesn't love Halle???)

She stayed down almost all day long, by the way, which is unheard of for her. I think that shows just how bad she was feeling!

I also went to lunch with sister Sue. Well, first we went to pick up all my prescriptions (tons), then we went to the Dollar Tree (Sue needed some cards) -- and finally we went to lunch. (smile) It was nice, because Sue and I didn't see each other all week long last week -- and we both like to get together at least once a week, when we can.

Speaking of cards, both Sue and Marilyn are REALLY GOOD about giving cards all the time. Sue sends cards to so many friends that I wonder how she can even afford the postage! People are always so delighted by her thoughtfulness -- and it impresses the hell out of me. And Marilyn does this, too -- and gives a lot of cards to our co-workers. Those cards mean a lot to the people we work with, by the way...

I wish I was better at this! It's never been something I'm good at. I have tried to do it more at various times, but I pretty much have to admit it's a FAIL for me...

As a matter of fact, I still need to do a bunch of after festival 'Thank You' cards. Almost everyone else at work has finished up with their cards, and I've barely started. (sigh) There never seems to be enough time in the day to get to it...

As an aside, I was unfriended by two different people here at LiveJournal recently. I'm not sure why the one person decided to do this (it was last week), but I'm pretty sure the other person was offended by my recent post about nudity. I just have to say this: Hopefully most of you already know how liberal I am, as a rule. I prefer not to hide any of this, because it's who I am. I support -- and will always support -- gays and lesbians (and bis), for example. I support gay marriage. I believe that we shouldn't be judged on our age, so I'm anti-ageism -- whether we're talking about older people or younger people, everyone deserves to be judged without age bias. I'm Christian and open about my religious beliefs -- though that doesn't mean I'm judging others on their religious beliefs. (There's a pagan inside me, too, for the record: This probably comes from being part Indian...) I've always thought nudity was a healthy thing, and I'm open about the fact that Marilyn and I enjoy nude sunbathing from time to time. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I'm not easy to pin down (who is???), because you can't just label me 'Liberal.' I have some leanings that are conservative (drives sister Sue crazy now and then!) -- and my politics are a mixed bag these days (even though I still consider myself a Democrat). And I have friends from around the world and from all sorts of varying backgrounds. Tons of my friends are Republicans, by the way -- and I'm fine with that. To each his own...

I'm really, really not out to offend anyone -- and I'm sorry if YOU who are reading this are offended by me. But what the hell, I have to be me. And if who I am offends you, it's probably best you do unfriend me. Marilyn and I were talking this over. Being unfriended is painful. Neither one of us really get unfriending, by the way, because someone would have to be really seriously offensive in the extreme before either of us would unfriend. I think I've only done it once or twice, ever. (We might IGNORE someone from time to time (smile), but why unfriend?) I had a 'falling out' with someone I had really liked at LJ -- but I still didn't unfriend him. Who knows? Some day I might want to try and be close again... I never say never, because I've had falling outs in RL and ended up friends again (in some cases years later!). I guess friendship is just too important to me to unfriend. And life is too short. And why do something that will potentially hurt someone else? I don't get it. I guess I never will...

I didn't mean to go on and on about that. In this case, I wasn't hurt by being unfriended (though I have been in the past). And this person clearly unfriends people all the time -- and has some odd reasons behind the WHY of doing so. Ultimately we each have to decide for ourselves what works. I'm not trying to tell others how to friend or unfriend, believe me -- which doesn't change the fact that I don't get the unfriending thing... Hahahahahahaha.

And (happily, I'm sure!) that's it for today!

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