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Busy Day at the Office -- Donn and Mark Come By...

I had Donn come in today, so we could tackle some IT projects. He was only in once during May -- and that was for CityFair setup, not for other tasks. So for all intents and purposes, he hasn't been there in two and a half MONTHS (!!!), which means we're way behind on our maintenance projects...

I also spoke to Mark -- and he ended up coming in, as well. We needed to (finally) get him set up with an extension for the phone (the same way Angel is). And he needed to do his background check stuff.

Speaking of background check stuff, everyone at the office has been required to do this -- so I did mine, as well. That's the first time ever for me, so it's about time! We have a new company that does this, and they would be quite expensive if we didn't get the service for free (one of our Board members has a company that does this).

We get a link to an online site where we fill out info to give permission for this to happen. The instructions say this process will take around 15 minutes, but I found it took far less than five minutes to do (!!!). So nobody can really complain about it!

Carol was supposed to be back in the office today, but she's out really sick. I had to actually talk to her twice -- and I felt sorry to bother her, believe me!

With both Donn and Mark in the office today, I was crazy busy (as is often true when I have 'the boys' around). Donn and I got some stuff done, which was good. And Mark and I got some other stuff done (again good)...

I had to be on the Server quite a bit, setting up email forwarding for Mark. He's had a festival email for some time -- but he doesn't check it often enough! So today I set it up to go to an email address he uses daily, so he'll have no excuse but to keep up with it for the future.

Plus I was in on the Phone Server setting up his extension, as I mentioned. I have more work to do there, removing all the Seasonal people. (sigh) Hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow or the next day.

Today I was logged in so I could Instagram for the festival -- but the settings were wrong for auto forwarding to both Facebook and Twitter (it was going to my personal accounts). They really need to figure out how to make it EASY to go between Instagram accounts, I'm telling you! You not only have to sign out and sign back in again, but then you have to change these settings -- and it's a big pain!

Plus let me tell you, it wasn't EASY figuring out how to change those Social Media settings!!!

It's interesting that now that Facebook OWNS Instagram, it's a lot more difficult to use Instagram with Twitter (surprise). But I did finally reason it all out -- and type up instructions on how it's done, for future reference...

We were at the office until past 7:00 (my fault).

Dinner was refried beans...

We were supposed to go to Walmart tonight, but that didn't happen -- we were both too tired.

That's pretty much it for today...

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