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Great Day of Summer Fun up the Gorge!

Marilyn and I had a WONDERFUL and fun day!

We started out by sleeping in -- which is a treat to begin with. (smile)

Oh! I need to mention that both Marilyn and I are crazy about the new Activia Greek yogurt. This is big, because Marilyn wouldn't touch Activia before this. The texture is wonderful (so creamy!), and the taste is lovely. Thankfully NOT too sweet and with only a little bit of fruit. We both had this for breakfast this morning. (I highly recommend it!)

We took a drive up the Columbia River Gorge and went to the Starbucks in Hood River. We both remain hooked on Instagram and love how easy it is to use it wherever you happen to be. We were Instagram-ing all day long. (grin)

After that we went to the Mosier Twin Tunnels trail and hiked in. It was around 93° at the time, really hot! It's so beautiful up there.

Our friends Pat and Pat (he and she) live up the Gorge. They saw our posts from Instagram via Facebook and invited us to drop by for adult beverages. (smile) We hadn't seen them in ages, so we decided to do exactly that. We had a really lovely time at their amazing home.

Then we headed home and I fixed fish for dinner. And we had an Outshine fruit bar after -- we're really hooked on those now (our fave flavor is coconut).

It's time for a nap. Back to work tomorrow -- I'm having Donn come in to do computer work (finally). I should have had him come ages ago, but it doesn't matter. We just need to get some stuff done, now that summer is here (and the festival is over).

I hope sister Sue and I can get together this week -- there was no time last week and I'm missing her! (Yes, we've talked on the phone, but we generally see each other at least once a week...)

That's my summer day -- how was your day???

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