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Clean-Up Day at the Festival Office

Marilyn and I were at work by 8:00 a.m. -- which was the time planned, so that those who participated would still have most of the day free after helping out.

Six members of the Staff turned out (counting Steven's son as part of this group): Marilyn, Steven, Steven's son, Ashley, Christine and me. And four Board Members turned out: Scott (who created and organized this event), Nancy, Contessa and Sue B. So we had a total of 10 people there to work...

Frankly, this is a disappointment. That was a pretty good showing from the Staff, considering how many people are currently on vacation. But we have a large board -- and this was a poor showing from them. (Many of them didn't even bother to RSVP and say they couldn't make it.)

Anyway, we put in two solid hours (without a break). People were picking up garbage, weeding (and weeding and weeding), clipping the roses and other bushes, shoveling up debris from the parking area, scrapping grass and weeds between cracks in the cement and so on. I wish we'd taken 'Before' photos, because it's been a mess for ages now. (No, the City isn't responsible for any of this clean-up, even though they're our landlord.)

Unfortunately things got very bad during the festival -- and our poor rose garden really didn't look good, in spite of all the many beautiful roses blooming. (In some places there were branches of roses lying on the ground. We even had members of the public complaining about it to us...) As you can probably reason out, there's NO WAY our Staff can make time during the festival to do anything about this -- we're just too busy.

Contessa felt terrible about this: She loves to garden and believes there are Board Members who would have helped out because they enjoy gardening. Of course, her involvement with the Court certainly wouldn't have give her the time to do this during May or June! She had a very busy schedule...

We filled the bed of the truck Steven brought with bags of yard debris and garbage. (One has to wonder WHY people decide to toss garbage into the roses and all around our building...) I don't know that we did a count of how many bags, though.

Many of us were torn up from the roses -- especially Marilyn, who is very allergic to roses!

Anyway, things looked so good after we got done! There's probably still more to do, but this really made a difference.

I do wish more people had decided to HELP OUT, though. I admire the dedication of the people who were there!

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