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Clown Corps Dinner...

Marilyn and I are just back (finally!) from the annual Clown Corps dinner. This has been held at a pizza place for as long as I can remember -- but we found out tonight that the restaurant is CLOSING next Monday. What a shame... But I digress!

The festival's Clown Corps began in 2008 (the year after the Centennial). This year we had clown number 100 graduate the program, which I think is pretty cool! Sister Sue was a member for a year, by the way. I have a lot of photos of her from that time. (And she was in the banner that was on our website for a full year... I wonder why? Hahahahahahaha. She was a very visually appealing clown, so it wasn't entirely the fact that her sister is the webmaster...)

Marilyn and I haven't been able to attend this event for a couple of years, because of when it falls. In the past we've been all tied up with Pinnacle Award submissions -- but this year is really different, with us barely involved in them at all...

There was a good turnout of clowns from each 'class' (year). And Angel presented 'awards' (certificates) for various achievements. And there was pizza and salad (Marilyn and I had ONLY salad, but did eat some of the amazing cake) and soft drink beverages. (Neither one of us has had pizza for more than nine months now.) The cake was in honor of Angel's birthday, which is next week. (They almost always have this event right around his bday each year...)

Now we need to dash to the store for a few things. And when we get back I need to do the garbage and recycling (it's the 'big' week -- where I actually need to put out our garbage for the past two weeks).

We both wore nice summer outfits to the event, by the way -- so I'll need to change before doing the garbage! I had on a top that I think I've never worn before. (Or if I have, I've only worn it once.) I got it for Easter last year (not this past year, mind you), so I've had it more than a year. It's shades of pink and gray and very pretty. I might wear it to work tomorrow...

Marilyn is Facebooking for the festival -- sharing a photo from this event. Then we'll head out. I decided it was a perfect time to blog!

I'd better wrap it up, though! More soon, I hope...

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