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Cleaning Up the Seasonal Spaces at the Festival Office...

Today was busy for me. I spent most of the day clearing out the various seasonal spaces. So far there are seven of these to deal with (totally aside from Chris and Alina's spaces -- and Stephanie has been moved over to where Alina was located).

We have six spaces that we've always called 'Intern' spaces -- because prior to this year (2013), we've always had six interns in our 'new' building. This year we had four interns -- and we had four assistants. We have an area with three identical spots that have always been for the seasonal assistants -- and are larger than the 'intern' spaces. This year we had four assistants, so one of them had to sit in an 'intern' space. As luck would have it, this woman was an intern in the past, so she was well aware that we don't usually put assistants in these spots. (sigh)

In being 'fair' (???), I let her expand into TWO intern spots (side-by-side). We removed the center divider and she also got dual monitors (interns do not). It ended up being a pain and I wouldn't do it again. But I guess I'll crack it up to an 'experiment' that didn't turn out that well...

Anyway, Steven used tools to put the divider back for me today, thankfully. I don't have a computer in the center space (we had one die) -- and I moved out the phone that normally goes there. I'm going to leave both computer and phone out for now. I might not need them there next year, either -- who knows? I've told Carol she can use this blank spot for Auction items, so we'll see how that goes...

We're also thinking that we'll put Auction stuff in what was Chris' office in the back. I hate to see space go wasted, and this is a large office. So it's a perfect spot for it. I guess we'll see what Marilyn thinks (she's in charge of all Operations, so these decisions are actually up to her -- not me!).

Marilyn is dozing on the sofa right now. I'm watching "Out of Africa" (for a change!) while I type this up. (smile) We both love that movie so much!

I'm going to nap as soon as I'm done. I'm going to the office to work again tomorrow...

I'm probably forgetting other things I did at the office. There's always a lot of little stuff to keep me busy. (grin)

I need to make some covers for Pinnacle Award submissions tomorrow. And look at the photos and see if we have a potential award winner we want to send in...

Oh! I did call and speak to Rich and to Merlin. They sent her home early from the hospital, so I suppose that's a good sign. She's really lovely to talk to -- and Rich is a dear friend. I think Merlin will end up one, too -- she truly makes Rich happy, and that makes me happy.

I MUST wash my hair tonight before bed (!!!), whether I want to or not...

And that's it for today.

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