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Quiet Day... (Marilyn Home Sick...)

Marilyn wasn't feeling well this morning, so she stayed home. No reason to force herself to go in this time of year. (Which she would probably do if it were a more busy time...)

We're watching the 1964 Bette Davis film "Dead Ringer," which neither one of us has ever seen before. Interesting...

(Bette Davis was 55 when she made this movie. I adore her, but she certainly looks a lot older!)

We watched a couple of movies on the LifeTime Movie channel: "Lying Eyes" and "To Love, Honor & Betray" -- both were entertaining. We tend to watch a lot of TV when either of us is home sick... (smile)

Nothing much else to say today. I need to work on cleaning up the seasonal spaces tomorrow at the office, now that most of our seasonal employees are gone... It's certainly going to be quiet in the office. Jeff is still on vacation and Rich has taken time off to care for Merlin after her surgery. And the seasonal employees were Emily, Megan, Eleanor, Caroll, Michelle and Clay (Danielle has been extended and Stephanie will be there through summer). (As reported earlier, Chris and Alina were let go in June. And Devon wasn't able to remain as an Intern, due to health problems...)

Our regular Staff is: Jeff, Marilyn, Carol, Ashley, Rich, Christine, Steven, Christie, Shelley, Tanya, Angel, Mark and me. And both Danielle and Stephanie are still on board right now, for a total of 15 employees. So we're down eight people from when we're fully staffed during the festival (when we're at 21 employees). (That doesn't include Kris and Donn who aren't really Staff, but help me with IT work.)

Anyway, each year after the festival I'm the one who cleans out the seasonal spaces, making them ready for off season. This year we combined two spots to make one, so there's a bit more work to do than usual... But that's okay. I actually enjoy this work.

I wonder if we'll watch another movie or not? You never can tell! (smile)

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