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Missing J.R. Ewing (Reading About Larry Hagman) -- Or Not?

I know, I know. Larry Hagman died in November 2012 -- and J.R. died in March 2013. I suppose it's time to let go. (grin) By the nice thing about TV shows is that THEY live forever -- so I never really have to say goodbye J.R. Ewing. He's here whenever I want to see him...

I've said that my whole life about actors, by the way. They may die, certainly, but their work is here to remind us. Isn't it a wonderful thing? They have a large impact on our lives, but we don't really lose them, even in death. (smile)

So I've been reading some interviews and watching video of some others. Very entertaining stuff. Larry Hagman is still here on film talking about his life. And obviously J.R. isn't far away, ever.

You know, interestingly, we now live in an age where we can easily have video of our loved ones. I don't know that we take advantage of that all that much, though...

Marilyn and I do have some stuff of Mom and Dad somewhere (on VHS video tape). Not that we tend to watch it, however. Mom was interviewed about her adult day care, too -- but, again, we haven't watched that in ages.

I do wish we had something with our friend Mitch -- he had an amazing VOICE: Really a beautiful speaking and singing voice. I can still hear it in my head, but it would be lovely to be able to actually hear it. Looking back, it's too bad we never taped one of our barbeque gatherings at Mitch's house, back when his folks and our folks were there -- then we'd have all five of them (Mom, Dad, Mitch, Audrey and Bob) to see and listen to.

I'm digressing! Sorry.

I might be 'missing' both J.R. and Larry, but I wasn't feeling sad about it. After all, as I've said, I never really have to miss them. They're here in the same way they've always been for me: ON FILM. And I found myself chuckling and grinning and smiling widely -- and even laughing out loud -- as I read and listened to Larry. What an interesting man.

And J.R.??? How can anybody not love J.R.?

Well, whether you liked either J.R. or Larry, I'm sure you have favorites of your own. (I was pleased to read that John Wayne was a favorite of Larry Hagman...) Aren't we lucky to still be able to 'visit' with those actors who have passed on? And to 'visit' with our favorite TV and movie characters whenever we wish?

I think so!

By the way, just a quick mention that our friend Merlin (Rich's life partner) had her knee surgery this morning. Happily it seems all went well: Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated, of course. Thanks!

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