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Wimbledon Final: Andy Murray WINS!!!

The big news for today? Andy Murray WON Wimbledon!

I can't tell you how pleased Marilyn, sister Sue and I are about that event! (woo hoo) Happy for Andy (a player we all like), happy for Great Britain and happy for the tennis world. This is just a delightful occasion...

And we've been waiting for it to happen for years now, so it's about time! (smile)

Other than that we've spent a pretty quiet and relaxing day. Marilyn and I drove down to Sauvie Island and had hot dogs (yummy!) there in the sunshine at Kruger's.

And we've both been playing at Instagram on and off all day -- and admit that we really love it. Such fun Social Media with almost no drama attached. If you're not using it, you might want to give it a try. Especially if you're into taking and sharing photos! (And, yes, we both like it much, much better than Pinterest, if anybody is asking...)

I just took out some garbage, as that obviously didn't happen this past Thursday (with us gone). Happily this was not 'real' garbage week (where we get our actual garbage taken away), or we'd be in a world of hurt! The every other week thing is a pain enough, without ever missing the week when garbage finally goes... (sigh) And a bigger deal in the summer, as you can imagine!

There was less garbage than usual, but still quite a bit. And I need to clean the cat boxes, but will wait for that until tomorrow...

Lots of playing with our iPads, reading and watching TV today. We watched the 2006 Hallmark movie "Desolation Canyon," with Patrick Duffy and Stacy Keach -- it was really enjoyable! (Dad would have loved it, I think.) You know, the characters were so good it would have made a nice TV series...

And we did some napping (sleeping), too -- which is another delight!

Plus tonight we watched "Taken," with Liam Neeson -- a fave of ours.

Can't think of what else I might be missing, so I'll call it good for today. Yes, yes -- I need to get in and share some PHOTOS one of these days...

(Especially considering I do it a TON at Instagram!!! Hahahahaha.)

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