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Home to Portland (for both Sister Sue and Us...)

We were thinking about staying over another night, but then decided to head for home. So Sue took off in the afternoon and we took off by evening...

The cats were very good coming home. And Colin seemed the most comfortable ever at the beach house this time around. He was VERY friendly with Sue, which is cool! Maybe they're actually getting used to the drive to and from. And I think both cats like being at the beach house...

It was lovely to get away and it always seems hard to leave. Yet we're glad to be back at our Portland home! So I guess both houses are HOME to us -- and it's good to have each house.

I'm on my way for a much needed shower. Marilyn is downstairs in the family room watching the classic 1965 movie "I Saw What You Did" (it's been ages since we last saw it). The movie used to be thought of us quite the cautionary tale. Hahahahahahaha. Right.

As far as I know, people don't crank call anymore. After all, it's way too easy to track where a call comes from these days!

By the way, they use a rotary dial phone, believe it or not! Now that's really OLD! Hahahahahaha.

More tomorrow... I'm sweaty and tired, so I'm off for now.

Tags: beach-house, cats, classic, colin-and-henry, home, marilyn, movie, portland-house, shower, sister-sue

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