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Another Lovely Day at the Beach House! (Vacation!!!)

Today was yet another lovely day spent at our beach house. The morning started with Wimbledon tennis (and pulling for Andy Murray) -- and sleeping in (at least for ME!).

We spent most of the day hanging around the house, but we did go play Fascination in the evening, and then went to dinner at the Lumberyard Grill in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Very nice!

Around 6:00-ish, Linda from Romancing the Home came by to deliver the shelf and dishes we bought in her shop yesterday. (She was with a friend, but I'm sorry to admit I've forgotten the woman's name... sigh...) I helped carry in the shelf that is now in our living room -- exactly where we've wanted it for more than a year!

And I just got done washing and drying all the dishes -- and there are a lot of them! We got them for an amazing price. There are seven large plates, seven smaller (salad, snack, desert) plates, eight larger bowls (a size we ADORE!), eight smaller bowls and eight coffee mugs. We love the design and really don't mind the two missing pieces -- we're pretty unlikely to ever be serving eight, frankly. And if we did, we have another full set of dishes -- plus there's another set somewhere that we don't even use. (smile) I need to take photos and share. These are Corel (which we love) -- and the pattern is blue and white with dolphins. Just perfect for the beach!

We're getting ready now to watch a movie together. Sister Sue considered going home today, but we talked her into staying another night.

I gave her my green top today -- the one I got for the Green Party for the festival this year. To me it looks like a watercolor painting: All delicate greens and whites. And it has a tiny trace of bling. She had jokingly said she'd like to have it: "Green is my color, after all." And I decided she SHOULD have it. She doesn't get many brand new clothes, for one thing (and I'd only worn it twice). And it is really lovely (bought at Macy's). And green is Sue's favorite color. It looks really nice on her. Again, I need to get a photo and share...

Well, that's it for today! More soon...

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