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50-Plus Minutes in Traffic in Seaside, Oregon...

Marilyn, Sue and I were sitting in traffic for 50-plus minutes, going only three blocks. It was another 10-15 minutes to get home, once we started moving (finally). This was much worse than last year, but admittedly we went early for the car in 2012 -- so maybe that was the difference. Hard to say...

We went in to downtown and dropped off sister Sue at Fascination -- then found a place to park the car (closer than last year -- we were near Star Furniture) and walked in to join her. (Last year we parked up near the church close to the community center.)

We played some Fascination and had a good time! All three of us won. Marilyn won two gold rows. Sue won four games in a row at one point. Then someone broke her streak, but she won the very next game after that, too! I won a two-way win. Very fun!

Marilyn even made an Instagram video of Fascination -- very cool!!!

We had a lovely day. Sue stayed home while Marilyn and I went to the parade this morning. We didn't stay all that long, but it was cool to see some of it.

We watched TV at home and had leftover chili and Marilyn's wonderful baked beans to eat. There were hot dogs (Sue had one, but neither Marilyn nor I did) and other good foods. Plenty to eat, anyway (without going out). Later Marilyn and I walked to get pronto pups (yummy!) and Sue had an elephant ear.

We stopped at a fave store here and found a shelf unit for our living room -- we've been hunting for this for more than a year, so we were really excited! Linda (the store owner) is going to deliver it for us tomorrow. (woo hoo) I also got a small ottoman that doubles as storage space (designed to hold file folders -- not sure how I'll use it). And we got a COOL set of dishes, with wonderful bowls!

We also napped and played games and messed around at Instagram and watched TV -- a good day of vacation and a lovely Fourth of July!

I'm glad we're home. I think we all want to snack now and see some more TV before heading to bed...

I hope all my American friends had a WONDERFUL holiday!!! And the best to everyone, wherever you live.

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