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More About Our Friend Wayne...

Here's the UPDATE on the accident that killed our friend Wayne. This person was high on several things when he hit and killed our friend: "According to court documents, 39-year-old Mark Thomas... admitted to taking prescription drugs, meth, marijuana and alcohol prior to a Tuesday afternoon crash that killed 65-year-old Wayne McCormick..."

I don't share this to dwell on our loss (which is especially a loss for our sister, Sue) -- but only to show how meaningless this accident was. From what I understand, this individual was supposedly trying to 'get clean' (???) that very day -- headed to some appointment related to doing exactly that. So apparently he had one last PARTY the night before, ingesting a bunch of things to get high. And he added to it Tuesday morning, before getting in his car.

I wish I could say I'd never known people who drove under the influence, but that would be untrue. I just wish everyone who drove would use caution -- because it's easy to lose control and injure or kill someone. Marilyn thinks Wayne wouldn't have wanted to blame this man -- and I think she's probably right. Wayne was such a great guy -- so laid back and kind. He'd probably forgive this man. And maybe someday I'll be able to find it in my heart to forgive him, as well. I believe in forgiveness...

But that day is NOT today, I'm afraid. Right now I'm not in a forgiving mood. And I'm hopeful they did something to try and get this man off our roads where he can potentially bring harm to someone again. It's not about revenge (though I won't pretend I'm not angry -- because I am). It's actually about protecting this guy from his own foolishness! I don't think he planned to kill anyone, or wanted to kill someone. For all I know he's terribly sorry. But I'm as sure as I'm sitting here that he'd do it again if he had even half a chance. But he's an addict. And he's probably more sorry not to be high than he is about what happened as a result of him getting high. (sigh)

I clearly need to PRAY about this -- for my own sake. I need to find it in myself to forgive this man whom I can't stop thinking of as a horrible monster right now. He's more weak and stupid than he is a monster, I'm sure. But damn it, he's a murderer, regardless of intent. And he needs his 'weapons' taken away from him for a long, long time...

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