CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Totally LAZY Weekend...

Marilyn and I did pretty much NOTHING all weekend long. We watched TV. We played some games on our iPads. We napped and slept. We watched more TV...

Actually, MARILYN worked her butt off for several hours on Saturday, cleaning in the family room, her bedroom and bathroom. And I did the garbage and cat boxes (that I hadn't bothered to do on Thursday). So I can't say it was a totally lazy weekend. But close...

We did take a ride with sister Sue late Saturday -- going out for dinner after that. (We had Mexican food.) But we didn't go get our nails done or go shopping at Walmart, as we'd planned...

Oh well. I can't believe Marilyn had the energy to CLEAN after last week. (She never fails to amaze me...) Over all I think a weeked 'off' (so to speak) was a good idea.

We're getting ready to head to bed soon.

I guess that's it for now. You noticed, I'm sure, that I didn't even bother to blog yesterday (!!!), and only did this short entry for today. That makes two days I missed (so far) in June. Well, nobody is perfect...

Also, I did figure out how (I think) to get the contacts for Chris from his Outlook. I'll give that a try next week...

Tags: 2013, blog, chris, drive, food, games, ipad, june-2013, lazy, marilyn, mexican-food, outlook, reading, sister-sue, tv, weekend

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