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Just Tired.

Sister Sue and I spoke first thing this morning -- and we cried together about Wayne. It's going to take some time not to have total denial about his death.

Marilyn got me to promise not to cry at work today -- and I managed not to shed a single tear all day long.

I was having blurry vision all day -- not sure why. But I just took out my contacts and my eyes feel better, thankfully.

Marilyn took the old car over to the new dealership today. Our salesman had suggested he might buy out our lease -- but that was a waste of time, I'm afraid. Oh well.

I spent time cleaning out Chris' office -- and putting aside and locking up all the remaining festival folders. I made a couple of stacks of stuff I thought might be his, but he ended up taking very little of it.

Chris came by just past 6:00. I'd been sure it would take under half and hour to meet with him. Oh hell no. He wanted to try and copy out his 'personal' folder of email and all his SENT, as well. It took forever. More than 90 minutes later I was finally done...

Anyway, I did get to go to Starbucks with both Marilyn and Rich. And Rich went with me when I went to get a Subway sandwich for lunch. (Marilyn ate nothing all day until we got home late tonight!)

The plan is still to see "Man of Steel" on Friday for Movie Day (the entire Staff going together to see it). Hopefully it will work out! I phoned Kris, Donn and Mark about going (to make sure they were invited along). And chatted it up with everyone. Jeff had decided last night he was okay with seeing that film...

Queen Hannah and her parents came by today -- they're all just wonderful! And we took some photos of her in the crown and robes.

Sue went with her son, Larry, to Salem -- but it didn't turn out well. She didn't even get to see her friend, Ruby...

I tried to post this entry around 9:00-ish, before lying down, and seemed to have lost it -- and my internet connection (!!!). Guess what? It was mostly still here! (woo hoo)

I didn't even read -- just went straight to sleep. Wow, I was worn out. But an hour (or so) of sleep helped! My eyes feel better and I'm a lot less cranky...

I need to add tags -- I'll do that later. I'm going back to sleep, now. Henry (Tudor Cat) woke me just now, rope-a-doping. (He neede some after 'sex' affection, sweet thing...) You should hear him purring right now!!!

More later...

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