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Rough Damn Day.

Two people were laid off at work today. This task was Jeff and Marilyn's -- and it's a hard one.

It didn't happen when planned -- it finally took place late afternoon. Shelley and I had to be with them while they cleared out their spaces and got what they needed from their computers.

All of this was HARD. We're all human and we work in a small office and are like a family. We get very close. It's difficult seeing people lose their jobs and knowing how hurt they are.

Chris wanted to finish up tomorrow night, so he's coming back at 6:00 p.m. -- Marilyn and I will be there to assist him.

After a long, hard day, we stayed late (Marilyn was working on a task). Then we went out to dinner. Jeff came and joined us for a drink when he was done with his work-related dinner. We talked things through, the three of us, dealing with the whole thing as best we could.

Marilyn and I got home and I was worried about sister Sue -- and getting ready to phone her. I'd tried to reach her earlier on both phones but had been unable to do so. With good reason, as I related in my earlier entry -- her friend (and ours), Wayne, was killed in a head-on car accident around 12:30 p.m. today on Highway 30. Wayne was in good health (for the most part) and in his 60's. His loss is a total SHOCK to all of us. He (and wife Holly -- with granddaughter Abbey) just took Sue to see the Grand Floral Parade (the weekend before last). Again, Wayne was one of Sue's BEST friends (and a good friend to both Marilyn and me) -- someone Sue talked to daily. We will miss him terribly. They didn't show the wreck on the news, but we found online stuff. The photos of the car were awful -- it looked like Wayne's car had been cut in half. He must have died immediately, which is a blessing.

Sue has another friend who is on life support (Ruby) -- they're getting ready to take her off tomorrow. So Sue's heading to Salem to see her friend one last time. Poor Sue. She's losing a lot of dear friends. It's so hard...

And with all the tennis now we keep thinking about our friend Mitch (who died last August) -- and that we'll never play tennis with him again...

Nor will we ever play Bunco with Wayne again. Or have him stay at our beach house as we did for the Fourth of July last year...

Marilyn has also been dealing with our lease being up on our car -- which has been stressful. We got a new lease on a different car (as I've shared), but the first car (that we've had the past three years) needs an inspection and repairs -- then to go back to the dealership. It's going to need repairs. We went over the mileage and will need to pay for it. There's a chance our new dealership will buy out the lease -- we'll find out tomorrow. Again, all of this is STRESSFUL for Marilyn -- and she's just getting done with a lot of stressful WORK for the year (the festival is over as of this past weekend).

Actually, there are still some Encore Events to take place -- and Marilyn has a big, all-day event next week to deal with. So it's not entirely over, yet!

I know, I know. Life and death is quite a perspective to everything else. But we can't ignore day-to-day life, regardless. I'm praying for Marilyn and Sue as I type this. (Marilyn feels very sad: Wayne was the last person around who called her 'Mur' -- her childhood nickname...)

Yes, we'll get through this. We'll miss our dear friends, but we'll see them again someday...

And things change at work -- we'll get through that, too. We've got a good Team and we're close and we'll pull together.

I hope the summer brings us some calm time to relax. I think we need it...

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