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A Day to Relax -- Happy Weekend, Everyone!

Marilyn and I are a bit in denial that we can have our WEEKEND entirely FREE to relax! You really get used to working all the time and having constant stress and deadlines. Suddenly it almost seems like you have too much free time on your hands. What a concept: FREE TIME. Wow. Loving it!

Marilyn showered and did her hair today -- and I know how that feels after having been sick! (smile) And in the afternoon we actually took the car out and got Starbucks (only a short ride).

I had a LONG nap after that (four hours, I think Marilyn said). Plus I was reading my book, "Elisha's Bones" (by Don Hoesel) -- which I'm really enjoying, so far. I finished up "The Cardinal Sins." (Again!) Yes, I'm still reading "The Perfect Mile: Three Athletes, One Goal, and Less Than Four Minutes to Achieve It" (by Neal Bascomb) -- but I got drawn away from it (for now). Lovely to have so many GOOD reads going on, really! (grin)

Marilyn and I just got back from seeing the movie "Now You See Me" (with Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, Michael Caine, Mark Ruffalo, Melanie Laurent and Morgan Freeman). I won't SPOIL it at all, but I'll just say we were both highly entertained. I guess it got mixed reviews (???), but we liked it. And you can't fault that cast! Very fun.

I'm much better than I was, but obviously still TIRED. Anyway, I'm getting loads of rest and relaxation now, so I can't even begin to complain! (smile)

We loving the new car. It's a lot more rough ride than the other one, but oh well. I don't notice it that much the more we ride in it. The seat seemed much less comfortable to me at first, but now I'm fine with it. And does it ever handle nicely! I can't believe the sharp turns. Very nice. It's much smaller than the other car -- which is interesting, because when you look at photos of them both cars seem a lot alike. But that's why this car is more sporty and easier to drive -- the difference in size, I mean.

I'm curious to see how the cats will fit in the back seat the next time we go to the beach. And obviously we won't be able to haul as much stuff as we used to be able to. But who cares? We had the right car when we needed a bigger one (and first had the beach house).

Maybe tomorrow we'll take sister Sue for a ride. We wanted to do that today, but she was tied up. (No big deal.)

Time for bed!

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