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I Love to Read!

The night before last my Kindle needed charging and so did my iPad (which has a Kindle application -- and that App is pretty awesome). So I actually pulled out a favorite BOOK (paperback, mind you) and read myself to sleep. The book is Father Andrew M. Greeley's "The Cardinal Sins" (this links the Kindle Edition, by the way, at Amazon) -- a book I've read many, many times in my life. I just told Marilyn it was maybe my second fave Greeley book, but considering how many times I have read it, it probably should always rank as my favorite. (smile)

I love the character of Father Kevin (who IS Father Andrew, after all!). But it's full of wonderful characters. There's something about reading a book that you know really well -- it's like eating comfort food, I guess. (grin)

So I ended up buying the Kindle version of the book, which is much easier to read than my (beloved) old paperback...

That means I'm in the middle of three books right now (though I also have several others I've started and could easily go back to, as well). That's also comforting, as my habit in life is to always be reading many books at once.

I do feel much better, but I'm still TIRED. I'm not quite back to my usual strength, but I'm sure I will be soon.

I FEEL AWFUL ABOUT MARILYN GETTING MY BUG! Such a shame. She had a bunch of meetings today that she had to miss for staying home sick. (sigh) And she's in pain -- the body aches with this bug really suck, I'm telling you...

Other than comfort books, we've been watching a lot of TV -- something we always do when both of us are home together (sick or no). Old TV shows and old movies and new movies and HGTV and whatever suits us... (smile)

And we just had coffee and ice cream, which was really nice. Yummy. Comfort food is nice, too, obviously. (woo hoo)

Now I'm off either to watch more TV (Marilyn has "Magic Mike" on right now), or to read. Either one would be good!

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