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Feeling a Bit Punk...

I think I might be fighting off a bug. Anyway, I've felt a bit punk today... (sigh) I don't want to give in to a cold (or whatever), but it's hard. I ended up really tired after the parade, so I guess it's not a big surprise. It turns out I spent time with my cousin Linda on Friday (sitting together and talking face-to-face), and she went to the parade even though she was really, really SICK. So I was exposed directly to something -- but there hasn't been time for me to catch what she has. So I don't know! (I suppose I could have been exposed at some other point -- I've been around a lot of people in the past week, heaven knows!)

Anyway, I've had a sore throat today and felt tired and run down. I got up this morning and did do a bunch of stuff, but had to take a nap in the afternoon (!!!). Oh well. Mostly I'm still not very hungry. At one point today I felt really lousy and took my blood and it was only 79 (!!!). But I ate something and got past it. And I was fine at dinnertime and ate okay... (Lots of times people get sick right after this busy weekend, that's for sure.)

Marilyn (poor thing!) still didn't get home until past 7:00 -- which isn't normal for this Monday, believe me. There were some issues for her to deal with, so it is what it is. But I felt SORRY for her! She has to be just as tired as I am, after all (maybe moreso!!!).

I know I promised a longer entry today, but I just don't feel like it...

Actually, I was lying down in bed and decided I'd just quickly type something on my iPad -- but I'll be damned if I could recall either my LJ password (or the password to the place where I keep my passwords cyber, so I can access them). Seriously??? That was a big help. Hahahahahaha. So I had to come to my home office to look up the passwords. (sigh)

Anyway, I'm heading straight back to bed! I want to share photos, but it's going to have to wait. I'm just not up to it today...

I was so tired I couldn't finish watching the TV show Marilyn and I were watching together (!!!), even though I really wanted to. And then I was too tired to read more than a couple pages of my current book on my Kindle. I'm amazed I didn't dump it on the floor as I often do when I'm super-tired. (grin)

Back to bed! More soon! I miss you guys (and love you lots).

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