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Concert Night!

Marilyn and I are just back from the Live 95.5 Summer Splash -- with DJ Pauly D, Sean Kingston, Carly Rae Jepsen and headliner Shaggy (plus a host of others). The concert was still going when we left and the doors had opened at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon (no, we did NOT go down that early). So it was a long concert!

We had passes to go in the VIP Lounge, where there was free food and soda (plus free beer) -- and alcoholic drinks for sale. Many members of the Staff were there, plus some Directors and a lot of others, too.

Princess Erica was there with her mom, Leslie (both are dear friends). I actually begged Carol for backstage passes, so she got us four -- Marilyn and I used two and Erica and our friend Mark (a director) used the fourth. So I took Erica back there. It's not all that glam, believe me. I guess it's mainly about bragging rights. Hahahahahahaha.

Steven hooked Marilyn up with black VIP bracelets, which potentially meant you could meet the talent. There was no getting near Carly Rae Jepsen (talk about being full of yourself -- but that's a story for another time, I suppose) -- and I didn't care if I met her anyway, so no prob. (grin) But we wanted to meet Shaggy, and that did happen! And he knew Erica was a princess, which turned out VERY COOL for her! (Marilyn and Mark had their pictures taken with Shaggy and Erica and I did -- it was two per photo. Apparently when Carly Rae did it she was so important it was four people per photo with her! Really???)

As for YESTERDAY and the Grand Floral Parade, you might have been asking yourselves if I survived it! After all, I didn't even blog on Saturday.

First off, we were out very late the night before for the Happy Camper thing. (Which I mentioned in my Friday blog.) Then we headed to bed around midnight, I guess. But I was very wound up -- and the two cats wouldn't cut me any slack. Every time I nearly fell asleep, they woke me. I'm NOT kidding. So for the first time EVER, I had zero sleep before the parade. As always we were up early so we could be on site by 5:30 a.m. I tried to stay off my feet for the first couple of hours as much as I could.

I didn't feel that great first thing in the morning, but by the time I was hugging and kissing everybody in sight (smile), I was floating on cloud nine. The sky was a beautiful blue and it was a lovely day from start to finish.

I saw a slew of wonderful people, including some I had seen in years. Very fun!

Yes, it was VERY, VERY BUSY (!!!). In fact, I wanted to go see this one guy and tried five different times to do that -- but I had to give it up. Once things really get started, I'm just to busy to get to anything like that.

Christine and her son Zander helped me this year and were wonderful. I had great guys on the doors (actually members of the security team) who really helped me out. We had a MAJOR issue with our Sweepstakes Award Winning float (!!!) which got stuck in the door. This has happened once before, but it wasn't nearly this bad. It was dangerous, so there was no way I could get ANYTHING around it. And when I say it was stuck, I'm NOT kidding. They had to get an electric saw a cut some pieces OFF in order to get it moving.

I could go on with details of how we managed everything, but it probably wouldn't matter to most people. The important thing was that all the entries made it in front of (LIVE) TV and out on to the route. We have the only parade in the world that first goes through a large venue (our Veterans Memorial Coliseum), then past Live TV and finally out on a route that wraps into downtown. It's almost like three separate events in a way!

We'd found out this past week that we had an issue with the FLOOR of the Coliseum -- they'd treated it last summer and it was far more slippery than usual. This is pretty serious for equestrian units (horses) -- and for all our four-legged friends, frankly (like the llamas, etc.). But there was a reason for this, clearly. More about all of it later on.

Okay, there's more to tell, but I'm toast -- so I'll try and share tomorrow. I even have a video Mark (the video Mark) made Friday night (I'm doing the interviews) that I'll share...

And maybe by then I can have some PHOTOS to share, too...

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