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Night Before the Grand Floral Parade?

So how do Marilyn and I -- and a crowd of others -- spend the night before the Grand Floral Parade?

Well, around 6:00 p.m. one of the Directors was telling people we needed to 'head home to get some sleep.' Really? Not quite!

It's almost midnight. We need to be on site at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow. I'm racing to blog (of course!) before midnight (surprise). And we just came back from around two hours WALKING (and sometimes running) all over the parade route for our 'Happy Campers' promotion. You see, a ton of people CAMP OUT on the parade route the night before -- holding their spots for the next morning to see the parade! This year we had PRIZES (woo hoo) to give out to the best campers. It was actually great fun.

I did get to go to lunch with my friend Ken from Nashville (and Marching.Com) -- and his friends (and mine) locally, Jeff and Rob (who host him while he's in town). That was a BLAST, by the way -- I just love those guys! More about them soon...

Anyway, I was doing 'interviews' with people as the person behind the mike, while Mark (our video guy) did film. So I'm going to get a cup of hot tea before heading directly to bed. A few hours of sleep will get us through the day, which I have to admit is pretty exhausting...

Hard to believe I've got throbbing feet NOW, when I'll be on my feet for hours and hours tomorrow (!!!). This is truly my busiest day of the entire year coming up. But it was GREAT FUN seeing all those people -- and being with a crowd of festival enthusiasts who were loving every minute of it!

Keep us (Marilyn and me and all of us) in your thoughts and prayers for tomorrow, please! The weather is PERFECT -- and it's going to be a great day, I'm sure.


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