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I went to log in to our eNewsletter SERVICE this morning, and found we were LOCKED OUT. It's apparently time to re-up. Seriously? Timing is everything!

I tried to contact Oliver for help, but had no luck. Oh well.

I talked it over with Marilyn and she had me just do it, using her festival VISA card. So that's what I did. I was concerned if we're NOT going to be doing the eNewsletter the regular way in the future that we wouldn't want to do another year. But it's going to take MONTHS for the new website -- and apparently the eNewsletter will be tied to that (maybe???). So we'll still need the service through the end of 2013...

This sort of thing is always a PAIN when it comes up unexpectedly. (sigh) It seems like we deal with a lot of this crap right in the middle of the festival. Anyway, it's done for now...

Then I needed to get out the eNewsletter for this Thursday -- and it ended up going about an hour later than usual. Oh well -- at least it ended up going out!

I'm pleased with it this time around.

I had to go in to change an email address for a friend, so I was digging around in our stats for some time. I even started doing some much-needed maintenance while I was there (!!!). I've come to the conclusion that I probably need to be the one doing that, actually -- because I can tell easily what should be deleted and what shouldn't...

Now I'm doing the garbage and recycling and getting ready to wash my hair. Sister Sue is going to take me to the store to pick up a couple of things (I actually need shampoo!). And Marilyn and I have that event to attend tonight.

The neighbor has already been by to get our soda cans -- he doesn't come every week, but I like it when he gets them. He's always so nice about it.

I'm reading an interesting YA book that I got for free (I think). Or very cheap, if not free. It's called "Click to Subscribe" (by L.M. Augustine). Very different, but I'm enjoying it, for the most part.

I've also been reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (by Stieg Larsson). And I just finished "Unintended Consequences" (by Marti Green). I've also been reading "How to Unspoil Your Child" (by Richard Bromfield) -- it's QUITE GOOD and an eye-opener for me! (I'd really recommend that last book to anyone who parents children or helps to parent them...)

Off to finish up my household chores!!!
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