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Long, Busy Day -- World Environment Day!

Today was the Junior Parade PLUS World Environment Day, so everyone was quite busy!

Yesterday I put out the eBulletin I'd been working on that featured both of those events (in the morning). And I finished up the eNewsletter that will go out TOMORROW (Thursday), featuring all the events happening this weekend. I worked on it a bit today, as well -- so it should be good to go in the morning.

Yesterday I also helped Marilyn with the logos for the Coliseum (to be displayed during the parade on Saturday) -- a task I really enjoy working on. I've helped her with these in past years, too... It's a big task that she usually works on today -- but because of WED she knew she wouldn't have time for it this year!

Sister Sue just came by to pick up tickets. And neighbor June just phoned -- she has her new Kindle, and I was telling her where to find out about FREE books she can download (smile). I hope she loves her Kindle as much as I've loved my own!

The weather has been AMAZING -- just sunny with blue skies. It couldn't be better! We got really hot today, as a matter of fact. At one point this morning Marilyn and I had gloves on and were picking up garbage in the RoZone from the last concert there (!!!). There were cigarette butts everywhere and swizzle sticks from drinks and other small items littered everywhere -- and we were having an environmental event there (WED), so we just had to clean it up! We had others helping and we did a pretty good job (if not perfect). But it's dusty and it was windy while we were doing it and I had quite an allergy attack at one point (annoying). Oh well. Later in the day we got to ride the Big Wheel and they kept letting us go around and around! Very, very fun!

I could go on about the WED event, but I'm too tired now. Maybe later on (and I'll try and share photos)...

Marilyn and I did get away from work right around 7:30-ish (as we'd hoped to tonight). Then we went for dinner -- we were both STARVED. (We had something to eat in the morning, but not another bite all day long!) Dinner was FABULOUS!!!

Now we're home and I've just finished up my work for the day (I needed to put up info on the Home page of the website -- I promised Jeff it would be there tonight). That's DONE (woo hoo), so I'm free to head to bed with my own Kindle and read myself to sleep. (grin)

Marilyn has a hugely busy day tomorrow. I'll stay home to get the eNewsletter out -- then do the garbage and recycling and a few things around the house. (Plus whatever other tasks come up for me to do for work, of course!) We have the Creative Youth Awards event tomorrow night -- so Marilyn will come home to get me to attend that.

Friday is a BIG DAY (!!!), so I'll absolutely be at the office that day. It runs long, though we'll hopefully get home in time to get a few hours of sleep before heading out to the parade on Saturday!

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