CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Anyone There?

I can't sleep...

There's noise outside. Even Colin was staring out the window... I looked out, but didn't see anything. But I keep hearing noises, damn it.

I just don't feel like getting dressed and going outside to see if anybody is actually OUT there. Marilyn (who I'm sure is exhausted) is sound asleep, thankfully. The cats have settled down, too. So it's probably nothing.

I'm tired, but wound up. Probably from the two cups of coffee I had when I got home (to help me concentrate and get my work done). Or not. Frankly, I don't normally have caffeine issues, no matter how much coffee (etc.) I have in a day (or ehen I drink it)...

Time to TRY and sleep, anyway... Goodnight!

Tags: 2013, cats, june-2013, marilyn, sleepy, tired

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