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My World is Rosey Today! (smile)

I wrapped up the eBulletin this morning that goes out tomorrow, featuring the Junior Parade and World Environment Day. I think the final tweaks are done (thank God), so it's crossed off my list...

I also edited the Coronation script for Marilyn (truly the EASY part of that job -- her part was quite hard). Happily I found a few mistakes for her, so I did what needed doing...

Then I spent the rest of the day mostly on the eNewsletter for Thursday. I'd say I'm about 80% done right now. I had a time finding one of the photos I wanted to use, but finally managed it! I'd already done the banner previously, so didn't need to spend time on that.

I also ran into some vintage festival photos, so I decided to make a new slideshow for the website Home page. I think it turned out nice. I wanted to do a new one to replace the Starlight slideshow that was up (now that the parade is over).

We worked a long day yesterday at the office. I think we were home by around 10:00 p.m. (???). I have to admit, it's difficult to keep track of time at this point. Time gets very weird during the festival! For example, I can hardly believe it's nearly 9:00 p.m. right now! Where did the day go to? I barely broke all day except to run to the bathroom or to get coffee.

I barely had any food today until Marilyn got home past 8:00. (Then I had some peanuts...)

I need to do some laundry (!!!) and wash my hair (!!!) -- but I don't feel like it right now. (sigh)

I'm thinking I'll curl up with my Kindle and have a nap. Sounds good to me!

Tags: 2013, busy, ebulletin, editing, enewsletter, festival, food, hair, june-2013, junior-parade, kindle, laundry, marilyn, nap, queen's-coronation, reading, script, work, world-environment-day

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