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Starlight Parade... Kind of Messed Up on TV...

First off, the show that preceded the parade all about the festival was VERY, VERY COOL! There were at least four stories (maybe more) that featured Marilyn (!!!). I only wish I'd told family and friends in advance to tune in. (Of the few people I phoned during it, most missed the program. What a shame!) Marilyn is great doing TV, I have to say. I'm so proud of her!

Anyway, Marilyn and I watched the Starlight Parade on TV here in the office (while she worked like CRAZY, not getting to see all that much). We're there right now, by the way...

Let's just say it was a bit messed up on TV and leave it at that. Hopefully viewers didn't notice it that much. And happily they went over time to get the end, which was very nice of them! (Go, KPTV!!!)

Marilyn is STILL working like mad -- and I'm trying to get a few things done, too. Don't know when we'll head home, but that's okay...

I wish I could help Marilyn more with all she needs to do (!!!). She's just swamped, poor thing.

Anyway, we're both hanging in there. We had Yakisoba noodles from CityFair for dinner -- and went to Elmer's for a Rose Meal for lunch -- both were nice!

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