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Home at 10:30 from the V.I.P. Party!

Marilyn and I just got home at 10:30 p.m. from the V.I.P. Party (held at the U of O building downtown). We're both pretty tired out, but we had a GREAT time -- with great people!

Marilyn actually came home in the late afternoon to get ready (after she was working in the office and I was working here at home during the rest of the day). We changed and did our hair and makeup and headed out, getting there slightly past 7:00 (which was when the event started).

There was a great turnout (that included the Mayor and his wife). And the amazing group Hit Machine was our entertainment (!!!) for the evening -- and we danced and danced and danced. (We're going to be SORE tomorrow, believe me!)

I had two choices to wear and selected the light-weight green top that looked like a water color painting -- thankfully! It got very warm with all those people there (and nice weather today). My pants were beige and also light-weight, plus shorter, exposing some leg. And I wore sandals to match. Marilyn opted for the sleeveless top, too -- good thing! We were 'melting' quite a bit as it was (grin), so our other choices would have been far too warm...

We both drank, but the drinks weren't all that strong, so it was fine. I don't think Marilyn ate anything, but I snacked a bit. The food was quite good.

Drinks, good food, good company, good entertainment -- what else can you ask for?

A lot of the Staff left early -- as did several board members. We do have a major event tomorrow (plus CityFair) -- so it's little wonder. It was funny, really. Many of us had been in the room where Hit Machine was playing and people were dancing -- it was packed and almost everybody in there was dancing and singing along. When they were done, we went out to discover the larger gathering room EMPTY! Apparently as soon as they closed the bar everyone took off. (smile) So we dancers closed down the party...

Well, time to get some rest. Tomorrow it's mostly about the Starlight Parade. We do quite a bit of WALKING (!!!), so I hope our feet and legs aren't too sore!

Things are certainly in full swing!

Small sad note: June and Jim won't be able to attend the Grand Floral Parade (next weekend) after all this year. Kelsey (June's granddaughter) is graduating, so of course they need to attend that. I totally understand, but I am sorry they can't make it.

Happily, Sister Sue is attending this year for the first time in ages -- and we're looking forward to her being able to be there!

On that note, goodnight all!

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