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Nooooooooooo Way! The eNewsletter from HELL.

I can't even go into details, or my head will totally POP. Let's just say that people at the office -- and that means pretty much ALL of them today -- are driving me nuts. The only sanity I experienced in the middle of this insanity came from Marilyn (who has been awesome!!!) and Rich (who was having a day very much like mine, from what I gather). Marilyn was kind enough to rewrite three of the articles for me in what is a Copy-heavy-boring-as-hell eNewsletter.

And DO NOT tell me what images to use. YOU (Staff person) have no CLUE what look I'm going for with the colors of my banner and each and every photo I include -- clearly you don't, or you wouldn't try to suggest something random to me. (Wow, did that burn my ass!)

I have a horrid headache. I've wanted to break since around 4:00 and it's now nearly 6:00 p.m. This has been too damn many hours staring at images and code today, between the eNewsletter and the website. But I'm trying hard to do my best...

On the good side, I've done the two banners for NEXT WEEK, when I have both an eBulletin and an eNewsletter due (Tuesday and Thursday).

And now a short break. Then Marilyn is coming home and we MUST go shopping, like it or not. (Clothes for the Friday night event... sigh...) No, I never did get dressed or do my hair and makeup today, so that's what I should go and do right now... (heavy sigh)

I do plan to survive this week, regardless. It looks like Marilyn and Rich are out to help me! Hahahaha. Thank God for both of them...

I won't name the actual names of those who are really bugging me today -- it wouldn't be fair, plus I'm sure I'll get over it quickly. But WOW -- really??? I should have guessed it would go apeshit when we started out with only ONE TINY CHANGE. Needless to say, it didn't stay that way -- not even close. Well, I need to drop it now and try to relax. My neck is killing me, along with my pounding head.

I wonder what I'll fix for dinner when we finally get back from shopping?

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