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Good Day -- Checked Off Another Big Thing...

Marilyn was able to come home to get me this morning, meaning sister Sue didn't have to take me (though she was TOTALLY willing to do it). I fell into more IT issues when I got to the office (Shelley having problems with her Excel spreadsheets from CityFair) -- and this is yet to be resolved. I knew from first thing in the morning that we had more phone troubles, so it was little surprise to find Mark (Rick's phone dude) at my desk using my phone when I got there. (There's no spare phone at the graphics computer, so for him to have access to a phone to test things, he has to use mine.) Of course I had to shoo him off while I was there working, but I was back and forth (up and down), so he had the chance to use the phone quite a bit before he finally left.

My main reason for being at the office was to drive the Starlight PA meeting at 4:00 (which was held at across the street this year -- very convenient, and a much better space than in the past). Ashley and Danielle both attended, so if Marilyn wants Ashley to take over this meeting next year, there should be no reason she can't do that. (She was there last year, too, so I'm sure it's no big deal for her to drive it in the future.) Not sure exactly HOW I ended up running this meeting years back. And not sure how long I've been doing it, either (???). But it's not like someone else can't do that! I'm the script editor (and formerly was the actual script writer) for that parade -- but I'm certainly not the parade manager! (That's Ashley -- assisted by Danielle this year.) Yeah, I know all of those PA people quite well -- especially Gordon who is in charge of them. That's helpful, but not essential.

After that meeting (which I left early), I went back to the office in time to go with Marilyn to her hair appointment. I'd never been in her shop before -- nor met her hairdresser -- so it was actually fun.

We were home by around 8:30 p.m. I made dinner and we ate. And we watched some TV. Now Marilyn is napping and I'm going to read in my Kindle a bit before joining her. A nap sounds great to me!

I spent time this morning trying to treat for ants in my bathroom. We came home and I didn't see any, but there were a couple a few minutes ago. Some of this stuff takes time, so hopefully it will improve. They were BAD this morning -- and they're just driving me NUTS. (sigh)

I really need to get going on the eNewsletter first thing tomorrow...

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