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Memorial Day, 2013...

This was a busy day, that began with me doing what I'd been doing the night before until around 10:30 p.m. -- cleaning up and organizing the Rose Building space. We were expecting the visiting group from Brazil (and out Mayor's wife) at 10:00 a.m.

A group of Royal Rosarians came right before that for an offial greeting -- they were piled into our office. The original idea had been to have them outside the front doors -- but it was pouring down rain, so...

I was moure than a little upset that the members of the Sales Team weren't in doing their part in the cleanup. Every other person had taken time to do this. Marilyn had worked in her own office at 9:30 Sunday night, while Steven had done so at 10:00. (Jeff did so earlier...) I asked Alina to clean up first thing today, and she went off for coffee (!!!), so I had to get in and do it myself. Really? Later in the day I made a point of telling Chris how unfair this was -- and he apologised, which was only right. Anyway, things looked good when the visitors arrived.

I helped greet them and took photos. Then while they had a meeting upstairs (near my work space), I got to work on the eNewsletter for this week.

Marilyn was back from her meeting by noon-ish -- then she, Rich and I went to lunch. After lunch we went back to work until our Communications meeting at 2:00, where we mainly discussed this week's eNewsletter (and an eBulletin for Tuesday of next week -- an addition). We keep going until close to 3:00 -- then headed into the park to be there for the National Moment of Silence at exactly 3:00 p.m. (we handed out Memorial Day pins to those there). After that we went back to the office and work until 5:00 -- when we headed out for float maneuverability. We were supposed to be test riding a certain float, but that didn't happen. But we got to test ride the Court float, instead, which was sort of amusing and fun at the same time. At this point in time it's just wood with no design, but it was still entertaining to be out on the streets on it with a group of other riders...

Then we stopped at Safeway for our fave olives and home -- nice to be here by around 7:00, as we were both beat.

After a quick bite to eat, we both headed for much needed naps.

I woke up in time to ask sister Sue if she could drive me to work tomorrow (Marilyn needs to go directly to Court judging in the morning, rather than to the office). I wouldn't go in at all tomorrow except that the Starlight PA meeting is in the afternoon, and I always run that meeting...

Not sure how I'll be getting home after. If I'm done in time I can go with Marilyn to her hair appointment. Otherwise... ???

I finished my Dan Brown book, "Inferno" tonight. It was good, though a bit convoluted, I thought. But what's not to love about a new Robert Langdon story? (smile)

Bedtime soon, I think!

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