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Busy -- Surprise!

At work (it's around 9:00 p.m.) -- Marilyn has been working on the GFP Script and I've been cleaning out my email. Wow. I don't sound very productive, do I? Hahahahahahaha.

Tomorrow (Memorial Day) is a WORK DAY for everyone at our office (as it has been almost our entire lives -- as long as we've been with the festival, anyway). At least this year it's not an EVENT day -- meaning we can get a lot done!

Marilyn and I did take time to go get our manicures today. I had a brand new girl (Nancy -- obviously not her real name), who at one point while taking off my old nails clipped so hard that a piece flew up and hit me in the nose. It hit so hard that I cried out in pain (!!!) and surprise. Marilyn said it was lucky it hadn't hit me in the eye -- very true! As it is, I laughed it off. But it was painful. Frankly, every finger was painful (and they are throbbing right now). But I'm sure she'll get better over time...

We've been at the office for hours now. It's pitch black outside. But we have very little rain all day long and the park is in great shape! In fact, it was warm tonight and you could see blue sky mixed in the clouds. So not bad at all!

The long-range weather forecast is GOOD -- I hope it stays that way!

Sister Sue went for her appointment about her pacemaker last Friday, by the way. I just spoke to her about it and she was really pleased. The appointment only took around an hour (she'd been expecting a four-hour stint) -- and they resolved an issue that means her battery should last another 10 years. That's great news! (woo hoo)

Well, I should get back to work. I'll do my best to share something daily if I can, but it might be very little, considering.

I doubt I'll get much chance to read and comment for the next couple of weeks, but I'll try...

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before I forget (!!!), Marilyn and I went to the Verizon store today to get her iPhone activated! So Marilyn has her first-ever smart phone now! It's white and quite lovely (mine is black). She's really enjoying it, so far. I'm very excited for her to finally have it.

Saw the baby bear (!!!) again while in the park. She's so very cute! But couldn't get near the baby tiger, it was surrounded. Later!

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