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NaNo Update -- #2

Just knocked off another 1,746 words. (Adding to that 473 I mentioned the last time, actually. So I guess I'd have to say I just knocked of another 1,273, to be exact. smile.)

ETA: By the way, so far that means I wrote 3,527 words total on my novel today.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
16,051 / 50,000

I was feeling good writing just now. But it's around 11 p.m. here and I think I'll see what Marilyn mistressmarilyn is up to...

She had to go to the DENTIST again today.

Two more days and she's off! Not just for another three-day weekend, but for that week of vacation! (I keep reminding myself because I'm so excited about it! LOL.)

(We can't wait to go Friday to see the new "Harry Potter" movie, by the way...)
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