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Busy Day at My Home Office -- IYSFF This Evening

Marilyn and I are just home from attending the first night of the The International Youth Silent Film Festival at the Hollywood Theatre.

Marilyn brought Rich home with her to pick me up. We went out for Chinese dinner, then over to the event. This is actually a three-night event (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week), with 15 films being played each time. The IYSFF is a competition for filmmakers 20-and-under who create modern silent films. Film running time equals the soundtrack time, which is approximately three minutes in length.

By the time we were coming home it was 48° (!!!) outside -- rainy and COLD! I stupidly wore sandals, so I was glad to get inside the house when we finally got here (brrr).

Mind you, in spite of the normal desire to whine about the weather -- which is pretty much true every year -- we're all trying to be very circumspect, in light of Oklahoma, Kansas and so on. Believe me, I feel terrible for those poor people -- and very aware of their suffering. It puts our local 'bad' weather into perspective, certainly.

Still, when you spend the entire year planning, preparing and working hard, it is difficult to see things negatively effected by the rain and cold. It was pouring much of today. Happily I finally reached Sandy (Hector's wife) so I could get Hector's new phone number (!!!), which I didn't have. He comes tomorrow to take care of the yard, and we want him to clean our gutters while he's here. What we really DO NOT need is any kind of flooding due to rain (please!). (No repeats of June 2011 are welcome here... For that matter, we had some flooding again in 2012 -- but I wasn't blogging well last year, so I can't see when exactly that happened...)

Marilyn got her NEW iPhone today (!!!), so I need to help her set it up. I wish I could remember exactly how I did that when I got mine (back in March of last year, I think). I'm sure it's going to go just fine, anyway. She's used to the iPad -- and I can help her with the things I know about the phone. Plus she has a better and more updated version, which should be good.

As for work today, I edited the Starlight Parade Script -- which is almost totally done. I'm just waiting on the final pages to be sent to me. It went very smoothly -- and Danielle did a really good job with the original draft.

I also worked on the eNewsletter for this week, plus some website stuff. I had to make some phone calls and whatever, too. It's a busy time of year!

And Mark (the phone guy) called me. He needed help with something, but I told him to contact Kris, that I was on deadline with the Script (!!!). I'm sorry our phones are still a BIG MESS, but I need to move on and get my other work done, thanks. IT is such a pain this time of year...

Finally, I did color my hair today (!!!). And I did a load of dishes, too. Not much time now for personal stuff, so this was good! And sister Sue and I did talk by phone.

I'm off to snuggle in the blankets and read my Dan Brown book on my Kindle -- can't wait! Yeah, I could do more work, but it will WAIT until tomorrow, happily. I can't believe it's nearing 9:30 p.m. and Marilyn and I have already had dinner (!!!) and are prepared to RELAX for the rest of the day. Good deal!

Tomorrow will be a busy day, so it's great to spend a few hours with time off...

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