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Artistic Moment: Banner for the May 23 eNewsletter -- Plus Photo Share!

I'm just back from riding my bike (woo hoo) over to our local Goodwill, where they have a BALLOT drop-off. I was supposed to take Marilyn's and my ballots there while I was out and about with sister Sue earlier today -- but both she and I FORGOT (!!!) about it. Seeing as they must be there by Election Day (tomorrow), we didn't want to wait until the last minute. We've got a hotly contested item on the ballot this time: Fluoridation of Portland's water. (You can see all about it HERE.) But we're also voting on a couple of other items, and some school board members...

But it's difficult to explain to people from other states what a big deal the question of fluoride in our water has been during my lifetime... And people are really nasty about it on both sides of the issue, I'm afraid! Well, anyway, we've cast our ballots (I dropped 'em off!), so that's it for now (until we have results).

I need to share several PHOTOS today, I think! Remember: CLICKING ON IMAGES WILL TAKE YOU TO THE LARGER VERSION

Here's the BASE IMAGE of the banner I'm creating for our eNewsletter for this week. My goal in this banner was to focus on CityFair and our Fireworks show -- and I think it turned out very nice, really. (It's hard to see in this SMALL version -- so do click and see it larger!)


Here are two photos from the Sing-Off that Marilyn and I attended on Saturday. The photos didn't turn out all that well (sigh). I wish I'd known then -- I'd have taken more to try to make the odds better for a few good pictures...



And here's a couple of photos of the Expo from Saturday (we went there directly from the Sing-Off):



Then we headed to Peninsula Park to see the Junior Clowns training:





On Sunday it was Rock 'n' Roll Portland Half Marathon time. These are the RF Runners:


And here's a crowd shot prior to the Race:


This morning sister Sue and I went to Elmer's to have a Rose Meal:


Then I went to her house. As we were leaving, I got to see the baby geese:


And feed mommy, daddy and the babies:


Aside from all those photos, the GOOD moments today???

At sister Sue's I spoke to Candy and found out they couldn't use the printer (since I'd set up the new computer). So I got the printer working on Candy's computer. Then I actually got all three computers networked (!!!). And the final step was to get all three computers able to use the printer to print. It was quite successful -- and I'm proud! Normally I suck when it comes to working with printers (at home or at work). And I hadn't set up a home network in YEARS! So this was a big WIN for me. (smile)

And it was FUN to get out on my bike, even if that was only a short ride.

Frankly, it was FUN creating the banner, too -- even if I am under the gun to get the latest eNewsletter started. One every week now (sigh). I enjoy them, but they are a lot of (hard) work...

It's past 5:00 p.m. now (where did the day go???) and I still need to COLOR my hair (!!!), do some laundry (!!!), wash the dishes and figure out dinner. And that's not including all the WORK I need to do! I've got website changes to make, the Starlight Parade script to review/edit, phone-related crap weighing on me (what's new) and who knows what else. I don't know how much of that I can get done in one day, but I need to try...

And I'm TIRED all the damn time right now, I'm afraid. So I just keep slammin' down the coffee and other stimulants... (I wish I was having a NAP right this second.)

Well, the sooner I get back to it, the sooner I'll be checking things off...

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