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Website? I Don't Love You Today... (Poor Old Thing...)

This is RIDICULOUS. I feel like I'm spending tons of time on pages that just don't really MATTER -- at a website that will be GONE in a couple of months. Seriously???

Well, to be more specific (and honest), the festival website (of which I am the webmaster) will be replaced STARTING this summer. I suppose we'll leave the 'old' version up there until they're ready to push out the new version, so I'm undoubtedly exaggerating when I say it's only got two months left to go. I think the actual goal is to have the NEW website up by January of 2014.

And believe me, it's TIME. This website is OLD. Even though I'll miss doing the coding and the artistic elements, I'm glad it's happening. We've narrowed it down to three potential companies and we'll be selecting one pretty soon.

Look, today has just been one of those days. I get it that this is about feeling tired and bogged down and unable to keep up. The changes seem constant. And I haven't really taken a break all day. I made a pot of coffee and heated up my taco for lunch (which I ate standing up) and I've had a couple bathroom breaks. But I've been really grinding away on the work. But big deal -- that's what I do most days. I'm not sure why today is different (???).

Here's the thing: I finish up several pages, then I get in several others. I've had some stuff that was COMPLICATED to do and I've received a couple of things that just didn't make sense to me. In one case it was something fairly simple -- but I couldn't reason it out without calling the office. I guess I'm just brain dead.

I phoned the office and Eleanor and I talked and laughed and it made me feel better. All in all I love doing this -- even the hard stuff. Maybe ESPECIALLY the hard stuff! One of the things I'll miss is trying to reason out code that just doesn't seem to make sense the first time around...

Well, I figured letting myself bitch about it in my blog might help, and it has. I realize complaining is petty. I'm not being pressured by anyone but MYSELF.

(I wonder if this is in some way about my new meds? I suppose I should go look up side effects... Yeah, I did read that one of them can cause anxiety and drowsiness and the other can cause fatigue. I don't know. It's probably not the meds at all. I don't want to get ridiculous about focusing on this stuff...)

Well, I'd better get back to work. I've had another cup of coffee and seem a little more focused, I guess. Thank God for COFFEE!!!

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