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Busy Day Yesterday AND Today!

I worked at home yesterday on the eNewsletter -- and got it very nearly done.

This was after a quick trip to Costco with sister Sue -- then over to her house to work on Candy's computer. (Couldn't have lunch at Costco as planned, because I was having issues that meant no eating... sigh...)

I also did other festival work. And it's been about the phone system at the office again (still?) this week. Mark (works for Rick) was in working on the phones yesterday -- and again today! Hopefully we'll see some improvement, if not a total fix...

I also did the garbage and recycling (it's 'real' garbage week) yesterday, knowing I wouldn't want to face it today after getting home from the office.

Today was crazy-busy at the office, starting with phone stuff after I got in that I had to put on hold for the photog meeting that started at 9:00 a.m. and ran slightly more than an hour.

Rich and I did go to Starbucks before the meeting. And Marilyn and I went again in the afternoon -- so I had Starbucks TWICE today!

After my meeting the focus went BACK to the eNewsletter, which always goes out noon-ish on Thursdays. (Every now and then we put it out on a Friday, for one reason or another. But Thursday is the normal day.) It actually went slightly early this morning, and seemed to near very few changes this time around.

Then Marilyn had a lunch meeting (with the Coronation judges in the upstairs conference room, that's right near my desk), and Rich and I went out for Chinese (which was nice!).

I spent a ton of time in the afternoon and evening on the website -- there's so much to get done! I'm just grinding away.

I also had a meeting with Danielle about the Starlight Parade script.

The amazing thing??? Marilyn and I left the office before 7:30! I got home and put out the garbage (etc.) and then we headed off to go out to eat! So no cooking for me tonight! (woo hoo) We had a lovely dinner and now I'm blogging before heading to a nap. I'm just dead tired today.

By the way, I started my new medications last night, so we'll see how that goes...

Tomorrow is the Expo and the usual work day. Then Saturday is the Sing-Off, Junior Clown stuff at Peninsula Park and the Expo (again). Then Sunday is the race! So we'll be very (very) busy this weekend... No sleeping in! (sigh)

Just thinking about it makes me want sleep RIGHT NOW. So I'm off!

Sorry I haven't been able to read and comment, everybody -- it's just too crazy right now. And LiveJournal being messed up hasn't helped any, either... My best to all my Friends! I'm thinking about you (and praying for you, too). I'll be back here again in a few weeks. (Miss you!)

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