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Visit to the Doctor (Well, Nurse Practitioner!)

Marilyn came home and took me to see Leslie, my nurse practitioner (who has her Master's degree, just to make it clear how GOOD she is). It was a very positive experience -- and the three of us discussed my health in great detail.

While there are things that need improvement, there are other things that were showing improvement! I'm pleased by the plan for the future and ready to take some medications I've been avoiding previously. (We need to get to the pharmacy to pick things up -- there was no time for that today.)

From the doctor's office we head directly to the office. We both worked until 10:00 p.m., then we stopped and did some shopping at Safeway before heading home. I cooked dinner the second we came in, so we were able to eat by 10:30.

We watched "Revenge" over again while having dinner. I do want to talk about it in more detail, but I'm too tired to do that tonight...

I got some work done on the festival website today -- including doing the floats page, which is one of the more complicated pages to code. I also got a start on the eNewsletter for this week. And I worked on the two laptops that will be going on-site for CityFair tomorrow.

One of the laptops is brand new, by the way. Marilyn and I just bought it recently. It has Windows 8, which is quite different from Windows XP and Windows 7. I had to do a lot of work to get it ready to be used easily...

The other laptop is an older one that I'm sending there as a second alternative. We'll see how it goes...

Anyway, I talked to Donn and he'll be there first thing in the morning for the setup. Tomorrow is our last Staff meeting until after the festival. Good deal -- we've got other things to do, after all!

Marilyn went to the float barn today and had her picture taken on one of the new floats. I need to go to Facebook and Share and Like it. (smile)

One last thing: I got down on my knees to pray to St. Jude today. I've been looking for a certain software for MONTHS AND MONTHS now (both at home and at work). I've spent hours hunting for it. And I found it shortly after my prayer! We had two copies (two different versions on CD) -- plus the manual for the older version. I just can hardly get over locating them. It's another St. Jude MIRACLE, frankly! I was just there where I discovered these earlier in the day with no luck. I don't know what to think, but I should have said prayers sooner...

Gosh, I'm tired! I'm headed to bed soon.

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