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Belated Post from Thursday -- My Bike Ride to the Post Office...

[Well, I wrote this late afternoon yesterday, but never got around to posting it. Marilyn came home from work (early for her!) and I went off to make dinner and just never got back to it. So this is actually from Thursday. And, yes, I need to post again to really update. Hopefully I'll get to that later today.]

[Approximately 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 25]

Just back from a trip to the post office to mail off (another) package to Debra debrajoy of baby clothes for her son Joey joeybearsmommy.

My knee held up fairly well, considering it's a bit of a ride! Especially coming back, which is somewhat up hill. Enough up hill, I guess. (smile)

My right knee has been acting up since I cleaned out our fountain (that's in the corner of our back yard) yesterday. It required me to be down on my knees, which was apparently too much for the poor joint.

I originally injured it years back. It was in downtown Portland during the time they were putting in some MAX tracks. MAX (sometimes fondly called 'Mad') is our mass transit train.

I had to go out to run -- almost literally -- a work-related errand, carrying a large stack of very large and heavy 3-ring binders. My shoe caught on some of the track-type debris in the center of the street and I went down, hard. Not a single person even came over to enquire if I was okay, interestingly enough! (Which isn't really typical for Portland.)

I recall I was wearing a favorite pair of work-acceptable jeans (a lovely shade of green). They were almost new and I tore a huge hole in the right knee when I landed.

The doctor said 'water on the knee' (a catch-all?) and had me elevating it for several weeks. At least he didn't stick a needle in to remove the fluid!

Most of the time it really doesn't bother me. Just now and then. This is apparently then. (grin)

So Marilyn advised me to get a knee brace today and start wearing it. There's little they can do for knee injuries, after all. (And many surgeries fail. Which I know rather well considering we've got two family members who've had unsuccessful knee surgeries.)

The brace is only bearable in small bouts. So I put it on earlier and then off again. Too stiff for riding my bike, of course. But I put it on again when I got back.

I also needed to mail in our current voting ballots. We have 'vote by mail' in Oregon. (sigh) Marilyn and I are not fans.

The box was large, but not all that heavy. I was a little surprised it cost over ten dollars to mail! Postal costs are outrageous, really.

But the clothes are adorable! A 'Blues Clues' pants and shirt outfit, for one. Several other items. I hope they'll still fit Joey.

We actually bought them months ago and put them away for his birthday (September 13). Then in the course of the festival and so many other things, we forgot them (naturally).

So we ended up going out and buying him entirely different gifts. (smile) Not just Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me, either. Joey (FatJoey) fatjoey got Joey a toy and boxed it up himself -- in some Starbucks coffee box, as I recall! (grin)

So then one day when I was (finally) tackling cleaning in my bedroom, I came across this bag and opened it up...

...surprise! All these clothes for Joey! (grin)

Nothing like sending them along more than a month later! (Terrible, isn't it?)

Of course, we didn't actually hear from Debra until the 14th (of October). If I'm being honest, we weren't sure if we would. She hasn't been around at the Yahoo groups were many of us hang out. And she hasn't written in her LJ since... well, when? (I've forgotten the last time.)

So Marilyn, Joey and I had speculated that she might have moved to a new home without telling anyone, prior to receiving our packages. (Or even have decided to go off line...)

So here's a small 'update' on Debra for those interested!

Email from Debra

Dear Marilyn, Charlie and Joey:

I wanted to thank you ALL for the gifts you sent Joey on his birthday. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get in touch with you all. We have had an insane few months. We've had to sell pretty much everything we own, including the laptop, in effort to get even on our bills. Sadly, it hasn't worked. Garin was out of work for almost two months, and then had to leave us for two weeks to train in Gainesville for the job he just took on.

Dad's been in and out of the hospital with various issues and surgeries. And Mom had a huge scare that was, thankfully, resolved yesterday. She was told last month that she has bone cancer. She had her gall bladder out the 2nd week of September and she's have horrible complications from that. Add in the bone cancer and she hasn't been doing so well. With her being so unhealthy, I had to quit working because she was unable to take Joey.

Thus the reason for my delayed appreciation. However, when we got the packages, I did cry, because you remembered my son. And I can't tell you how many people DIDN'T on such a big day. We'll have pictures uploaded soon. Garin's father sent us the money for this computer and we're getting everything put on it that we'll need.

I hope you're all doing well.



I suppose baby Joey may have grown quite a bit in a month! But hopefully some of the items will fit him. Some are warmer, too, so they'd be nice for fall and winter -- or until he outgrows them! (grin)

Well, the bike ride was slightly tiring. I'm feeling quite healthy now -- aside from my knee and the usual, like my ongoing hip nonsense. But I haven't really exercised since my two-week bout of the flu. (ugh) So it was lovely to get out and have a good ride!

Our weather here for the past week has been unseasonably warm -- almost tropical! We've had some highs including high lows at night. I was especially glad I hadn't put away the kitchen air conditioner yet, or covered the office one. We've been running them quite a bit!

It's amusing considering we actually had to fire the furnace the week before!

Generally we like to wait until Novemeber to turn on the furnace for the first time. It's one of those little things we try to do. Heh. I don't know why, exactly. Partly to save the money, I suppose. (Reminds me that I need to get out and 'stick' the oil -- see where we are.) But it was so cold here!

And now it's just amazingly warm.

Washington (state) has already been having severe flooding as a result of the weird weather. So I suppose we can count on a wet winter.

But today was all warmth and blue skies! I wore jeans to the post office, but changed back into shorts the minute I got home here.

Marilyn and I live in what can only be called a 'mixed' neighborhood. Middle-class people/homes mixed with poor(er) ones. Well, probably mostly lower-middle-class, if I'm being accurate. Various ethnicities, too. Black (African-American), Hispanic, Indians, Asians, Whites. Both Marilyn and I like that, by the way. We're not like my friend back east who constantly complains about her neighbors of differing ethnic backgrounds.

As I was riding home I noted some laundry hanging out on the fence of a home. I grew curious and rode closer. The house in question was very small -- which is unusual in this part of the country. The clothes were clearly worn. Some small towels and some toddler clothing. Undoubtedly hung out because it's cheaper than the laundromat -- and the weather has been warm, as I noted.

When we were kids all our laundry was hung out in the warmer months. I'll never forget what it was like to carefully wipe down the clothes lines and then hang all the items. Then taking them down, so stiff from dying like that! We'd use a water bottle to sprinkle the items and roll them to soften before ironing.

The clothes did smell nice after dying in the fresh air. But I wouldn't go back on a bet! (smile) I barely ever iron these days.

Though our immediate neighboorhood includes this mix of poor homes, there's also been amazing growth in the past several years! Lots of brand new homes and condos -- including some larger, two-garage houses. And lots of older homes have been remodeled and improved. Overall the neighborhood looks really nice. Yards kept up and houses painted, etc.

We aren't the poorest neighborhood in town, by the way. Though when people hear North Portland they often think negative things. And all the new homes is quite a bit tied to the lower taxes here.

Speaking of houses looking nice, we had a bunch of yard work done today. More on that next post.

And for those who've noted I haven't been around much online, I've been having more computer issues -- related, again, to the virus my computer 'caught' last week! More about all that soon, too. I spent literally hours on the computer this morning following detailed instructions on how to fix all the resulting infections and problems. (sigh)

And Becky? I haven't forgotten you! Just haven't been on much with this whole computer mess.

Hoping to post again later...

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