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"Revenge" Season Finale...

The season finale of "Revenge" was... there aren't words! By the way, the show has been renewed, so we'll see another season.

The things that were not resolved are the hard part. Not the things that we know for sure. I won't spoil, for those who watch. At least, I won't give anything MAJOR away. Conrad was elected governor. And one character did die (there had been rumors for some time that this character was going to be killed off, so it wasn't a complete surprise).

I want to discuss other elements of the show, but I'll let it go until tomorrow, I guess...

Marilyn and I had popcorn tonight (homemade) -- it was a treat.

I go to the doctor tomorrow night (Marilyn is taking me). After that we'll go back to the office to get some work done.

Tuesday we 'take the park' (as they say) -- meaning our office in Waterfront Park is set up for the run of the festival. Donn will be coming in to help with the IT setup.

The weather is turning here and we're expecting rain tomorrow. And cooler weather. And there's a chance of showers every day next week...

Sister Sue had car problems last week -- I don't remember if I mentioned it before now. Anyway, she got it fixed, but it was expensive. She already had her big screen TV (in the living room) go out recently.

Marilyn and I have some issues of our own with money right now, but I'm not going to go into it right now. We'll figure it out, somehow. And I'm sure sister Sue and her family will be okay, too. I guess there's always something when it comes to $$$...

Lots of work to do this week. And I'd like to get to Costco if I can...

Time for bed soon.

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