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St. Johns Parade Day

Marilyn and I went to the St. Johns Parade this morning, taking Leslie and Kate the traveling crown for Queen Kate to wear.

We saw tons of people we know, like Todd (our President) and his son, several festival directors, many Royal Rosarians and others.

It was a sunny, HOT day -- and we did a lot of walking (!!!). We parked near Roosevelt High School (which with the surrounding streets is the formation area of the parade), because we were late getting there (and didn't want them to worry about having the crown on time). Then we walked over to the proper area (we actually parked on Smith -- we used to live on Buchanan on the corner of Buchanan and Smith!). We walked around that area, then walked into the St. Johns area where we normally watch the parade (we've been standing on the same corner for years and years now).

There were some difficult moments. This was the first year going to the parade since our dear friend Mitch died -- and we saw him there most years (he lived very close to where we watch). Marilyn and I spoke about it to each other briefly. And at one point I thought I saw him in the crowd -- for just an instant -- and then I knew it couldn't be him and I got tears in my eyes. But it passed quickly and Marilyn and I were there with Merlin and Rich and we began to enjoy the parade and the sadness passed quickly. I guess we'll always think about Mitch during that parade. We stood together in the spot many, many times to watch the parade...

After we left, we needed to walk all the way BACK to where we'd parked -- so we got another long walk. We were offered a ride by a Rosarian (Mark -- next year he'll be Prime Minister), but we declined. We were laughing and sweating and hoofing along under the sun...

On the way home from the parade Marilyn dropped me off so I could pick up my bike and ride it home. (I'd gotten the call about it earlier in the week, but didn't have the chance to get by there until today.)

Right now Marilyn and I are watching a horror film, "The Apparation." We both find it scary, but it got bad reviews, mostly because people felt it was not scary. My biggest complaint is that it doesn't make SENSE. It's frustrating and ridiculous. But you know how it is -- you need to see the damn end of the thing, once you've started! Okay, it's over -- and it had a very creepy ending. No surprise that nobody gets away. Sorry to spoil it, but frankly, you don't want to waste time watching this LOSER movie, anyway.

Well, off to bed soon...

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