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Dick's Memorial -- Plus Busy Friday...

Marilyn and I are just back from Dick's Memorial (it's now around 10:00 p.m.). I got to speak at length to Dayle (his partner). She's coping really well, but it's hard for her -- he was the love of her life. Plus they were truly 'best friends' (as she made a point of telling me more than once).

And I couldn't help remembering when we were there for Bobby's memorial -- Dick's late wife. Bobby was ill for a number of years before she passed, and it was truly a blessing when she moved on from her life on earth...

There was a lot of good food and friendly chatter and alcohol -- because Dick always enjoyed a good party! (smile) I spent time talking to a lot of festival people I know very well (like Stacey and her dad Vern) -- and meeting people who were entirely new to me, too. I heard wonderful stories about Dick and shared my own stories...

I think he was there in spirit. It was amazing to discover there were things I didn't know about my friend, like his involvement as a drummer for the Clan Macleay Pipes and Drums (a local favorite) -- as well as the fact he made money as a jazz drummer!

But I did know many things: How he loved his ranch, how he loved to ride (and was great in the saddle), how he loved to ski (and even taught others). And how many people he brought to volunteer for the festival over the years! What a guy. Marilyn and I will sure miss him...

This past week Marilyn sent out a GFP email and deliberately included his email -- a last message to him. I can't believe I won't see him on parade morning...

Dayle was teary-eyed with me -- and we hugged several times. But she'll be okay. I was just glad they found each other romantically before he died. As she said, they were friends for many years before Bobby died, but she would never have guessed how things would develop for them...

And Dayle, too, has done volunteer work for the festival many times -- brought to this by Dick, who really loved the festival (and according to Dayle, thought the world of Marilyn and me and loved us dearly). I heard another long story about festival participation from one of Dick's friends that I've never met before today -- it was quite the thing! It just made me wonder how many people Dick encouraged to be more involved with the festival during his life...

I'm really tired tonight -- it's been a very LONG week! By the time I finished up my entry last night, and did the recycling, I was almost dragging myself off to bed (!!!). I was almost in tears I was so worn out -- but I did get the work done I'd hoped to, anyway.

Then I woke in the early hours (around 4:00 a.m.) with terrible leg cramps that had me close to screaming -- and no, I'm not exaggerating! I had to get up and try to walk it off -- then I fell back on the bed and nodded off, only to have it happen again several times. I felt pretty tired this morning when I got up...

I spent the morning finishing up the eNewsletter and getting it out. It wasn't all that special this time around, but it turned out okay. (I used a generic banner I created and have used once before, in place of a special one just for this edition -- which is what I usually do.) My own photos from the event last night went in the eNewsletter and at the website, by the way.

I got the Starlight Parade page done today -- plus a bunch of other website-related stuff finished up.

I had to spend some time on some personal things, too -- which required a pile of RESEARCH that took some time to do (!!!). I was digging through our file cabinets here in our home office to find what I needed -- and things were quite a mess at one point. But I did get rid of some non-essential things today, so that's a good thing...

I was dashing to shower and wash my hair -- then to dry my hair, put on makeup, style my hair and get dressed in the evening before the Memorial. Marilyn got home as quickly as she could manage. And it was almost like a little 'vacation' to take the ride to Camas for the Memorial (but not quite).

Well, I really MUST get some rest before tomorrow! We've got the St. Johns Parade to attend (this is work, mind you) -- and need to get Queen Kate her CROWN (!!!) before she rides in the parade (it's in the back of the car right now). This is the 'traveling' crown -- and not the fancy one. They only wear that crown when they become Queen at the Coronation. For everything else, they wear the Traveling Crown... Both crowns are special in totally different ways. One is very traditional and quite delicate. The other is very modern and interesting -- not at all traditional. I like them both for what they are. (Maybe I should share photos some day...)

Here are photos:

Traditional crown

Traveling crown

I should share the descriptions of both, which tell why they look the way they do, but I'm too tired to go hunt it up -- sorry! Maybe another time...

That's it for today! I'm too tired to tell more (even though there is more to tell).

Good night!

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