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Busy Day at the Office -- Spring Board Meeting

Today was a very busy day at the office. I finished up the eNewsletter and did a bunch of festival website work. I wrote up the news item for the website announcing the GFP Grand Marshal for 2013 and on and on.

Marilyn and I did take a break to go out and get her jacket from the dry cleaners. And we grabbed Subway salads and came back to the office to eat them...

Jeff finally gave me the okay to proceed with Rick on the phones. Hopefully I'll hear more about that tomorrow (!!!). I'd like to see the work done early next week, if possible...

Our Spring Board Meeting was tonight at Macy's downtown. We also announced our 2013 GFP Grand Marshal during the event, which was a social gathering, rather than traditional meeting. I took photos, but I don't know how well they turned out, really. I did get a couple of shots I could use for the website and eNewsletter, so that's a good thing. And Marilyn used one of my photos for Facebook, too...

The good news? We were done with the event in time to actually go out and eat some dinner -- we were doing that by 8:30 p.m. The bad news? We had to go to the store on the way home (sigh), because I'd never gotten kitty litter since last week -- and tonight is garbage and recycling night... So we weren't actually HOME until 9:30 p.m.

Then we changed out of our uniforms (it was so hot at the event I was just melting in my blue jacket) and got comfortable (and put away the stuff from the store). And we watched a little TV.

Then I came into our home office and messed with downloading a slew of photos off my camera (I was way behind there) -- and getting some photos for use in the eNewsletter for tomorrow and the news item I put up tonight (plus the GFP page at the website).

Now I'm finally doing a quick blog entry. Then I have to do the garbage and recycling before I can lie down...

I had a tad too much wine at the event (smile) -- once I was done taking photos, that is. So my head was spinning for a bit. But I'm cold sober now...

I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but I just want to finish up and get stuff done so I can head to bed. I've got a TON to do tomorrow -- which includes getting that eNewsletter out in the morning! And dealing with the festival StatCounter account. Well, I suppose also checking in with Rick about phones. There's always something!

Plus I got most of the website updates done, but not all. So...

It's sounding like another very busy day. But at least I'm planning to stay home. I'd like to go get my bike tomorrow, if I possibly can...

Better dash!

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