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Late Dinner? Yes, Again...

Last night Marilyn got home at 10:00 p.m. -- and I had the food ready and waiting. So we were eating dinner at 10:00...

Tonight we got home by just past 9:00. I heated up leftovers from last night, so we got to eat by 9:30 -- which seemed nice by comparison to last night. (smile)

Yesterday was a very busy day -- for Marilyn at the office and for me, here at home. Today was equally busy.

I'm still dealing with the problems with our phone system at work. Today wasn't a happy one, as Kris was quite unhappy with me for deciding to go with Rick's suggestions -- which differed from his. What a mess. But I need to at least try and get the phones up and working. We've been having issues for more than TWO MONTHS now (!!!), and May is just a ridiculous time for us to be without decent working phones.

Aside from that, I finally managed to code the fireworks page for the website today. It was complicated, but I'm happy to report I managed it -- and it looks good and makes sense. (woo hoo)

This day began at City Hall -- each year we make an appearance there right before the beginning of the festival. The Court was there and did their spiel -- and Marilyn got to speak, doing a short presentation about the book (she did a great job). Todd and Jeff also spoke.

Marilyn and I did take a lunch break today.

And I got to train the new person, Tanya. I'd totally forgotten that she was starting this week (!!!). That was the reason I had originally thought about being in the office yesterday, because it was her first day. But it worked out fine doing my bit today...

I can't begin to list all I did yesterday and today. But the Media Guide page went Live this morning. And several new Sponsors were added up. And the eNewsletter is pretty close to done now. Normally it would be going out tomorrow -- but it won't be sent until Friday this time around. I have to wait until AFTER the official announcement of the Grand Marshal for GFP.

Oh! I did get a phone call that my bike is ready -- so hopefully I'll find time to pick it up on Friday...

My allergies have been MURDER recently -- really driving me nuts. Oh well.

Sister Sue has car trouble. We didn't talk today, so I don't know what she found out... I hope it's okay! She really can't live without her car.

Talked briefly with Mark today, who was in working. He was upset and on the verge of tears -- and this is NOT a man who cries. I felt really bad for him.

Big night tomorrow night -- and busy day before that! So we're heading to bed soon.

Night all!

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