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Manic Monday? Um... Yes!!!

Started my day out working ton the eNewsletter for this week. Yeah, it's going Friday, rather than Thursday, but I'd like to have it ready to go EARLY for a change -- and try to spend a little less time on it. It can really be a lot of work to do, and I feel it should be more turnkey now. Back in the day, I'd spend three or more days (full days, mind you!) on just the eNewsletter. That's ridiculous. Which is why I found numerous ways to make it go faster. Still, getting Copy (or writing it) takes time -- and it's hard to work around that. And layout takes a lot more time than most people can conceive. I've already pulled items and moved them around TONS of times so far -- and the thing is a mess. Certain items can only go in the left and right columns (the center column has a colored background), for example. You know, someday nobody will remember what we went through to create attractive eNewsletters in the early 2000's. They won't understand hand-coding, or how graphics were created or dealing with transparent .gifs or animated .gifs and so on. Layout will be so automatic that no one will comprehend the amount of effort I'm talking about. I'm sure that's a good thing, but I already can rarely find someone who 'gets it' about what I do. And I have to tell you, when I get in those rare conversations, they often become passionate and lengthy! There are people out there who don't think of this as simply making another MS-Word-like document, but they are few and far between...

So, in the middle of a very BUSY Monday, I tried to get my bike in to be fixed. Thank heavens for wonderful neighbors, by the way! I got to visit with June briefly via both the phone and seeing her in person (though not for very long). And Jim was kind enough to put their bike carrier on June's rig so he could transport my bike to the shop.


We get there at around 3:30 p.m. -- and the shop is CLOSED. Their hours are 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day except Sunday (when they're closed). So obviously I wasn't expecting to find the shop locked up at 3:30 in the afternoon... (sigh)

It was far to HOT to hang around just sitting in the sun for half an hour, so we came back home. But Jim was nice enough to suggest I phone the shop at 4:00 so we could try again -- which is what I did.

And the experience at the shop? Um... well, it wasn't as pleasant this time around as last time. The guy is asking me if I let that tire 'sit around a long time in the sun' -- and I'm pointing out that it was THEIR tire (!!!). But these two guys today weren't the main guy who helped me last time (I don't know where he was!), so I'm sure they had no clue. I'm a bit annoyed about the flat -- I was just in last week, after all! But the young guy brings over a tiny piece of something (metal???) and shows it to me and says it was in this other tire he fixed. His message was tiny things can make big holes that go 'boom' -- and I would have to live with that. I guess I sounded more pissy than I thought (???). Anyway, the new tire is around $40 and the inner tube is another $8. So you can do the math -- it's close to $50 MORE additional to the original cost. Wow, my bike is getting spendy, now... (sigh)

He should have it back for me on Wednesday. But I have to work that day, so I don't know when I'll be able to pick it up. It can just sit there until I have time, I guess...

The GOOD part of this??? Jim and June! So kind and so warm and so helpful. Makes you feel good to be alive...

By the way, I feel very BAD I didn't invite them to attend on Saturday! It turns out June would have gone in heartbeat, but I neglected to tell her she was welcome to attend. What a shame. I think they would have LOVED to hear Marilyn speak (she's so damn GOOD). And I know it would have meant a lot to Marilyn to have them there...

Other frustrations today? I'm setting up the NEW laptop for CityFair on-site use. Marilyn and I bought this laptop at Walmart last night. You'd think it would be relatively simple, right? Wrong. Part of it is working with Windows 8, which I've never done before today.

Guess what? Microsoft decided to simple 'kill' (eliminate) the 'Start' button. Yeah, yeah -- I know a lot of people found it weird that you turned OFF your computer using Start. And you did a ton more using Start, as well. But just dump it? Really???

So I found a way to 'bring it back' -- because I'm clearly not the only one that thought that was a crazy idea! (I found several articles that pretty much called Microsoft crazy and so on for this decision.) Happily, it's not that difficult to remedy.

The goal would be to make this laptop as FAMILIAR as possible for Staff who will be using it. That means changing the setup to resemble what I do for all the computers in our office. And I had to install a bunch of software and on and on.

Plus I'm trying to do some large downloads, and the damn machine keeps shutting itself off (!!!), so I have to go change that setting, too. Again, none of the settings are in the 'normal' place, so you have to hunt for them. It's a good thing I'm patient about this... (Am I really? Hahahahahaha.)

Another frustration? Trying to work on the 'new' Media Page for our website. I don't know why, but it's just not going all that well. I need to get DONE with it -- so we can make it Live for the Media, replacing our hard copy version from previous years... Come on, Charlie -- it's not that big a deal!

It is lovely to have central air when it's hot like this! At one point today it was 84° in the house. (yikes) That's just too hot! Anyway, I've got it blasting away now, so it's down to 80° now (though I'm sure it's much cooler downstairs)...

No clue what I'm fixing for dinner. But I'll be more willing to cook with the house a bit cooler than it was before, that's for sure! (grin)

It's almost 9:00 p.m. and there's still no sign of Marilyn. And I'm just working away, going from one computer to the other. (I have the new laptop in the living room...) Well, it's better than just sitting in front of my office desktop computer all day long, I guess...

Guess I'll get back to work. There's always plenty to do, after all...

And maybe I'll start some dinner, too!

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