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Tired This Morning...

Marilyn apparently TIRED to wake me. She needed to be at work early today. But I was so TIRED that I don't even remember it (!!!). I'm sure it's probably mostly about trying to start in exercising again. Plus working late (and long) hours. But after I've been exercising regularly, this will balance out. Actually, I should end up with more energy, in the long run! But those first few weeks can be hard.

I did wake up just past 7:00 on my own -- in time to say 'goodbye' as Marilyn headed out! But her lunch today cancelled, so she might be able to come home and get me then... (fingers crossed)

It's now around 8:00 a.m. (I mention that in case I get pulled away from this and don't finish it now!)

I have some things I need to tackle today, IF I can get in the office.

Plus we were supposed to go over to Cinco!

Cinco de Mayo currently 'has the park' (meaning they're in Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Downtown Portland) -- which is where CityFair will be very soon! (We move in on May 14!!!) We're always critical of how they treat the grounds, because we have very strict rules for our carnival people and vendors (putting down tarps when moving trucks on the grass and so on), but other events that use the park aren't as careful. The blame for the park getting torn up during the spring and summer season often seems to fall on us -- but that's ridiculous. There are a TON of other events that happen there, after all.

And we were the organization who helped create this park years and years ago in the first place. Plus we pay annually to have the park renovated after the season ends. And right now the City is doing major improvements there -- and we've given a TON of $$$ to help with this.

Can you tell that I'm used to this spiel? Hahahahahaha. I've been saying it for years, whenever I hear someone blaming us for the poor conditions of the grounds in the park. (smile)

There have been many times that we've gone into the park after Cinco to take photos, so we can prove how bad things are BEFORE we ever get in there...

Still, we're very friendly with Cinco. In fact, being the official event of the City of Portland, we're sort of a 'big brother' to the other events that take place in town. And Portland is a MAJOR events city! There's something going on here all year round -- but especially a lot of events this time of year. (And part of that is due to US and our long success.)

I feel the festival is very responsible -- and we're certainly VERY green! We're well known internationally as a green event, and have received a ton of awards for our ground breaking efforts over the years.

Of course, Portland is a famous green city -- and we're part of the reason. Which is why the United Nations Environment Programme selected the City of Portland to host this year's World Environment Day (WED) on June 5. It's a very big deal, as we're one of only FIVE host cities in the world (including Bahrain, Bangkok, Panama City and Nairobi) -- and we represent all of North America (not just the United States). UNEP Regional Office for North America Head of Communications Elisabeth Guilbaud-Cox said, "UNEP would like to put the spotlight on the city's environmental achievements, which are reflected in the fact that this city is repeatedly ranked among the top ten green cities in the United States. In our research, Portland is often rated the number one green city in North America, an impressive accomplishment by any standard." Marilyn is working with the amazing Elisabeth -- who just happens to think that Marilyn is pretty amazing (she's right!). How cool it is for the festival to be involved with the United Nations this year!

I just called Rick about the phones at work. YES, we're still dealing with BAD phone service in the office, which is pretty serious for us now that it's May! (It was bad enough in April.) Don't get me wrong, there's no good time for bad phones. But our festival starts in a couple of weeks (!!!), so...

Sister Sue is off to her cribbage tournament in Lincoln City. I hope she has fun!

Well, I'm off! I'll try to blog again later...

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