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Still Working (It's after 10:00 p.m.)

Well, Marilyn is STILL at the office working -- and it's past 10:00 p.m. now. Because she's working there, I'm at my computer working here (what else would I do?).

I did start dinner at one point forever ago, so I've no clue if the food will be decent to eat or not. I was STUPID and should have waited, but I didn't think she'd be this late... (sigh)

I actually took a break around 8:00 p.m. and went for a bike ride. I really wanted the exercise and fresh air! I rode until I got tired, then came back home. It was starting to get dark, anyway.

I mainly worked on the eNewsletter today -- no surprise with it going out tomorrow. I actually re-did the header banner on it twice (meaning I created three versions, total). The first one was NEVER going to fly, as it featured a photo of Marilyn -- all alone -- at the unveiling of our Arcadia book last week. The second version was both Marilyn and George (the author -- well, they were BOTH the authors of this book, just to be clear!). And the third version included Marilyn, George and Queen Kate -- and is actually really nice. So I didn't mind the re-do. It was more difficult than most of my banners, because I had to cut around the people each time -- and that's painstaking work. But, again, it was worth it!

I'm still missing an important element -- and I was phoning Christie past 7:00 to find out why I never got it. It turns out the Sponsor in question didn't get back to her. Anyway, it's something we can do ourselves (I'd have done it personally if I'd been in the office today!) -- so there's still time to get it ready in the morning before the eNewsletter is sent out. (It requires scanning hard copy and turning it into a PDF that I can code for the website -- but I think it's essential to one of the articles we're sharing in this edition.)

Aside from the eNewsletter, I also did some website work. And I spent a bunch of time on the PHONES at work (yet again). What a major pain that is...

And I worked on my insurance papers (I had to call Salem twice for help -- !!!), so I should be able to finish those up either tomorrow or Friday. I need to use a printer, plus the copy machine at work to do this, as our home printer needs a new cartridge that I haven't had time to even think about. (We rarely use our printer anymore...)

I need to get those papers mailed ASAP, though. It takes them forever to process them, and my benefits will end May 30...

So, I guess you could say I took TWO breaks today -- one to do that paperwork and the other to ride my bike.

By the way, I've had almost nothing to eat today, so I was starving earlier. Right now I don't even feel hungry. What's with THAT??? Marilyn has barely had anything to eat, either, so it would be nice to have dinner at some point... (sigh)

I finished "Sleepers," by Jacqueline Druga. I have mixed feelings about this novel. You know, it's pretty clear that nobody actually edits books these days, because the errors abound. You really have to be willing to read 'around' these, or you're never going to be able to read eBooks. What a shame! This author has some problems with grammar, as well. And I'm not that sure I like the protagonist all that well. It's an interesting concept, anyway, as zombie-like books go. I even broke down and bought the sequel today. I suppose that's a recommendation of sorts, because I don't buy all that many books these days...

Well, I'm going to call Marilyn again. If she leaves soon, she might be home before 11:00 (fingers crossed). And then we could actually eat! (woo hoo)

Sorry I haven't been reading and commenting much, but I'm pretty swamped. But I am thinking about you guys! Night, all!

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