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Exciting -- I Learn to Modify the Flexible Squares Style!

For FREE Users, No Less!

I learned rather easily and quickly today how to add both a background and an header image to the Flexible Squares style. The best part is that it works for FREE users, not just paid ones!

(Anyone interested in seeing how it turned out can check here. It's not especially fancy or anything, just a very basic repeated background image, plus a very simple header on top. But, again, to be able to quickly adjust the style -- and do it for a free account -- impresses the hell out of me! smile.)

I love learning new things. Both here at LJ and in general in life. (grin) I just love it!

I also spent around an hour and a half (sigh) next door with my neighbor June, fixing her computer for her. She somehow clicked and accepted something that put spyware on her computer. She also couldn't access her Outlook email. It was basically a mess. But it's up and running again! (For now, anyway...)

I've made my (famous) 'Tomato Curry Noodles' today! You don't actually eat them on the same day that you cook them, so we'll have them for dinner tomorrow night -- or the night after. (They're actually better after sitting in the fridge 'steeping' or whatever. Anyway, the noodles get plump and soak up the curry and turn a deep yellow. The whole thing 'thickens up.' Then they're perfect! Yay!)

I made a pot (well, it ended up being two) for my sister Sue, and one for Marilyn and me...

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