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Busy Day -- Mostly Website-Oriented...

I spent most of the day working on the festival website. There's still so much to do! I had a News item to put up there and a lot of changes and additions to make.

I also got a tiny start on the eNewsletter for this coming Thursday. I'll really have to focus on it tomorrow... (sigh)

Marilyn came home for lunch today (we had a pot of soup), but she didn't stay long. The cool thing was that she was home just before 7:00 p.m. tonight -- which is 'early' for this time of year.

I made fried tomatoes (red) and zucchini for dinner. And I managed to unload the dishwasher and put dishes away -- plus load and run the dishwasher today. I did some cleaning up in the kitchen and packed up the stack of clothes Marilyn is sending to the Goodwill.

Tomorrow I also need to work on the paperwork for my health insurance (a HIGH priority!!!). They've changed it (yet again) -- and it looks as if it's twice as long as it was the last time around. (I didn't check it that close, so I'll see what's what tomorrow.)

I have Donn coming to the office tomorrow to set up dual monitors on the finance computer (plus do some updates). I spoke to Rick today, and he says he'll have more info for me either Wednesday or Thursday. That would be good, as our phones are a MESS.

Well, I need to go wash my hair, so I'm off now...

Tags: 2013, april-2013, cleaning, dishes, donn, dual-monitors, enewsletter, festival, festival-website, fried-tomatoes, goodwill, hair, health-insurance, kitchen, marilyn, rick, work, zucchini

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