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Pedicures and Manicures

There's very little to report for today, except that Marilyn and I went and got out pedicures and manicures taken care of -- which is important. With appearances coming up for Marilyn, she needs to look her best. That included pedicures this time around, as the weather is supposed to warm up this week and we'll both be wearing open-toed shoes again.

I need to try and take a photo of my toes, as I did silver this time around -- totally new for me! I did the usual pearl tips for my nails, so nothing new there...

Our BIG upcoming event will be next Saturday, when the official book launch takes place at Powell's book store! I'm very excited about this event! Marilyn will be presenting and the three Living History Characters will be there, as well -- along with George (the author of the book).

This is Marilyn's baby -- and I'm very proud of all the work she's put into this. I know she has to be excited about the Saturday event, and I look forward to being able to support her in any way that I can.

Well, we're off to bed -- busy week facing us. Good night, all!

Tags: !important, 2013, april-2013, arcadia-book, book-launch, george, manicure, marilyn, pedicure

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